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  • Hello !

    New here
    Was just surfing around and looking for a place to perhaps join in some gaming with...
    (old) other team is getting stale and has stopped playing pretty much the games I like.
    Have not quit the team yet but it is looking as if I will have to if I find a good group.

    I am 38 living in Florida with my wife and two daughters.
    I work as a designer with a fire truck company.
    My hobbies are reading, computer graphics (Photoshop), and of course a little gaming.
    My list of past games include
    Mechwarrior 3
    Mechwarrior 4
    Call of Duty

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    Re: Hello !

    Heh...add Ghost Recon to your list...and you're in ;) seriously...welcome!! what you can, participate in the community as a whole, you'll find this is a very accomodating atmosphere :)


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      Re: Hello !

      Welcome SOG! Your description is very similar to a lot of us here. We're a bunch of mature gamers that play a wide variety of online games.

      What's the one game you seem to be playing the most? Joint Operations has a strong following around here, as does Natural Selection. We've got a healthy group of people that play Battlefield 1942 : Desert Combat, but getting them all together at the same time always seems to be the tricky part.

      In any case. Welcome to Tactical Gamer!
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        Re: Hello !

        I think I'm a mature gamer but my wife disagrees.


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          Re: Hello !

          Does your wife know my wife?


          Welcome, SOG! :)
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            Re: Hello !

            I think there's a wife collusion going on here.... *me looks around suspiciously*

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