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    Idk about anyone else here but I think these things are pretty cool and TG would fit it well
    It's just something were you can discuss with the whole community with out actually having to post a thread.
    I think you guys should look into getting one.
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    Re: Shout Box

    I find them amusing. Like IRC without the channelsplits and the trouble of actually fiddling with an IRC client.


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      Re: Shout Box

      They turn into a complete mess when you have 30 people all having their own conversations. Then could you imagine people that get banned nightly who would just spam that box with nothing but immature crap over and over.....yeah no that would get old.
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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        Re: Shout Box

        I never found use for one. I go to a website forum or newsgroup or mailing list precisely because I can't be watching a ticker 24/7. For near-realtime I'll go with IRC, where I can still scroll back to reconstruct the conversation.

        Now what might be interesting is to display recent IRC activity in a box on the TG home page. That would give incentive for people to connect to the channel to answer the provocative things said there. ;)
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          Re: Shout Box

          *grabs shoe box*

          Ok, feeling good. To be honest, I think it'd become a jumbled mess, although, if we could find a way to divide it to certain forum areas, it'd probably be less congested.


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            Re: Shout Box

            shoutboxes have never worked on any forum i've been registered on.

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              Re: Shout Box

              Apophis is testing out a Flash Chat thing. It's pretty much the same thing but with the versatility of IRC

              It's got a couple of bugs but usually a lot of refreshes solves them :)


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                Re: Shout Box

                Been on many a site that had shout boxes.
                The sites got rid of them.
                Don't miss them one bit.

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