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How to market myself?... (videogame/entertainment/3d industries)

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  • How to market myself?... (videogame/entertainment/3d industries)

    I just graduated from college and im looking to get a job in the very competitive videogame/entertainment industry. So i figured i should start marketing my self..

    Thats where my question comes in, how should i go about marketing my self? so far i have my website with my work on it ( ) I have been scouring the job sites and sending my demo and resume to as many people as i can. But there has got to be something more, im hoping that some of the lovely smart TG members could help me out by marketing my self!

    My work is pretty darn good, and im sure i could get into the industry running, i just need the opportunity to show people my work.

    you can check out my demo reel at www.mav3d/3d.html

    Thanks Everyone

    Michael Angelo Viscione

    Edit: im sorry i forgot to take my TG-6th tags down :(

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    Re: How to market myself?... (videogame/entertainment/3d industries)

    If you want a job in the video game industry doing art/modeling, you'll most likely need some actual experience working on a game. Try finding a mod or similar project that interests you and is looking for artists. Try looking here:

    This wont make you any money, but will surely give you a leg up in the industry.
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      Re: How to market myself?... (videogame/entertainment/3d industries)

      Wow, your stuff is really good. Good luck with your up and coming career. Really nice website and demo.
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