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  • Problems with boss

    So I've been having some problems the past few days with my boss. Short story:

    I'm a developer (Web/DB), one of our sites was hacked. Instead of running to my non-tech boss, I chose to get all the info I could, and line a solution even tho I'm not the network admin. Boss got royally bent outta shape because I didn't tell her first what happened. Now it seems like I can't even talk to her without her being completely closed to what I have to say. Instead, it seems like I should just be a monkey in a chair instead of an IT professional with 10+ years of exp.

    I have no idea of what I can/should do. Finding a new job would be quite a challenge right now.
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    Re: Problems with boss

    If you're free to move about the country, there are opportunities abound. I don't put up with lame bosses and neither should you, unless you NEED the health benefits or are super tight on money. If it was me, I would use this opportunity as a good excuse to move on to bigger and better things. I hear that Charlotte, NC is a great place for IT folks. Who knows. You could end up with more pay and a happier life. You should never feel like you're a slave to your job. When you do, it's time to leave. Just my not so humble opinion.
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      Re: Problems with boss

      Horrible bosses can make any job miserable. And i don't know anything you can do about it.

      You probably should have told your boss first. The one thing a boss absolutely hates is to be blind sided. Bosses usually don't do anything. They aren't supposed to do anything. They are paid to know what is going on and not much else. So your actions prevented her from doing her job and maybe even put her job or chance of advancement in jeopardy. Recognize this. Being a bos sucks a lot more then you might think. I personally hate it and avoid management positions at all costs.

      What I do for my sanity is this. I sit down with them and just ask them what the problem is and try, honestly, to create a solution. Then I do what I feel is right.
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        Re: Problems with boss

        confronting the situation is the best answer.

        Start by apologizing for leaving her out of the loop. take full responsibility for this action and explain that there was no malice in your actions, but actually the opposite. While the decision may not have been the correct one, your heart was to relieve pressure and stress and fix the issue.

        The biggest problem in most workplaces is that everyone is worried about loosing face - or worse - their position. You need to be sincere.

        The biggest and most important advice I can give is to continue to pull all blame to yourself. find a way to make their faults your problem. This is very disarming and will actually reverse any animosity on her part.

        You are out to restore the relationship, not win the argument. You must do whatever it takes not to win, but to restore. Do this, and you will have an ally instead of enemy.
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          Re: Problems with boss

          I'd have to agree with the above posts. If there's an problem that isn't communicated at the work place it will only lead to increased tension and stress. The only way is to communicate the situation and see if there's a unifying rectification. If all else fails after that, find new employment. You can always use the situation on the inevitable question in all job interviews pertaining to a problem in the workplace and how you tried to alleviate the situation professionally.




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