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  • ArmedA and PRM

    Both are great in their own rights and I certainly donít want to knock PRM.

    But I wonder why , since ArmedA has just about all the features the PRM developers are struggling to introduce with the BF2 engine , as well as loads of others that enhance the realism and immersion aspect of the game , the PRM servers are full nearly all the time while the ArmedA servers sit empty or only partially full most of the time.

    Now you don't have to give up one game for another,you can play both you know.

    As a side note , the 1.14 patch really seems to have enhanced the game as it barely ran on my system before , now its running smooth as silk.

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    Re: ArmedA and PRM

    BeerHunter is so right. I try to divide my time evenly between the 2 games.
    For those that missed it, one of the best threads on the subject was just discussed in the PR forum.

    Fuzzhead really explains it well, but be sure to read everyone's point of view.

    Just to sum up my point of view, I don't think it is for everyone due to its bit slower pace and more realistic gameplay. As hard as the PR dev team has worked, on the nights I play some ARMA before jumping in on some PR, I feel like all of a sudden I jumped into a cartoon. And the speed feels like it has jumped up to Quake or Unreal speed. All of a sudden I am flying around jumping all over the place.

    I really think when ARMA2 hits later in the year, we will see a big permanent shift to ARMA. Bugs that annoy people now will be fixed and TG will as usual have one of the top servers around.


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      Re: ArmedA and PRM

      I think patch 1.14 has fixed a few of the issues brought up in that thread.

      I enjoyed playing PR and was part of that community for a long time. However I kept hearing about ArmA and decided to try it out. Once I did I just couldn't go back to PR. I'm not knocking the PR Dev team or their community.

      The one thing that I found a bit odd was the whole idea that ArmA caters to the lone wolf. I admit that you do get your share of sniper only players but for the most part no matter who I play with, they try to co-ordinate things and work towards an objective. I think the scale and sheer number of enemy make for allot more long range shooting matches before the real action starts. The new 6pack mod though is changing that for the better :row__593:

      Both good games in the end. :)


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        Re: ArmedA and PRM

        ArmA isn't one of those games where you can just jump in and enjoy for 30-45 minutes unlike PR or CSS though, does actually take a little organization to fully enjoy the game.

        ArmA also doesn't get the hype PRM has since ArmA was released with the company making it going broke, it still sold and made money back.. The initial release was ****e needing much work and improvement which took the update patches longer than should've even been considered for estimating a release date.
        PRM has the hype of the entire BF2 community (a game that was even advertised on TV) that didn't like the fact that you could take 10 bullets to the face and keep on sprinting so they found(ed) PRM.
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          Re: ArmedA and PRM

          Originally posted by Fenian420 View Post
          WoW isn't one of those games where you can just jump in and enjoy for 30-45 minutes unlike PR or CSS though, does actually take a little organization to fully enjoy the game.
          Fixed. :p
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