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Burn After Reading movie trailer- Red Band

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  • Burn After Reading movie trailer- Red Band

    Parts of this movie looks like it is going to be super funny. Please don't click on the link if you are a minor, as it is R rated :icon8:, and I will have to tell your mums.

    Also getting very close to the release of Pineapple express. If you didn't see the Red Band trailer for that, google it or look for my post here a few months ago. Can't wait!!! Need some funny movies to go along with Batman out this weekend.


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    Re: Burn After Reading movie trailer- Red Band

    Creators of Big Lebowski...anothe underated cult movie in the making? LOL!

    Looks like it should be funny!!!

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      Re: Burn After Reading movie trailer- Red Band

      Looks hilarious.


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        Re: Burn After Reading movie trailer- Red Band

        This could really be a coen brothers movie that i enjoy it me, or does brad pitts character kind of remind you of a less stoned version of guy on the couch he played in true romance?

        Great cast, and the pairing of Tilda Swinton and George Clooney again was smart, (michael clayton anyone?). I am glad the Coen's like to use actors that have been in their previous movies. I think this movie might have me going to the theatre rather than searching for it online.
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