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Austrian Death Machine - Total Brutal!

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  • Austrian Death Machine - Total Brutal!

    The most metal band - ever.

    Austrian Death Machine is a spoof Arnold Schwarzenegger death-metal band. The subject of the album is different BRUTAL quotes by Arnold. The band is of course a joke, created by the lead singer of As I lay Dying.

    Track listing (I put the reference in brakets):
    1. Hello California
    2. Get to the Choppah [Predator]
    3. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers [Kindergarden Cop]
    4. All of the Songs Sound the Same
    5. I am a Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton [Terminator 2]
    6. Come With Me if You Want To Live [Terminator 2]
    7. Who is Your Daddy, And What Does He Do? [Kindergarden Cop]
    8. You Have Just Been Erased [The Eraser]
    9. Broo-Tall Song Idea
    10. Here is Subzero, Now Plain Zero [Zomg Batman!]
    11. So Far, So Good, So Let's Talk About It
    12. Screw You (Benny) [Arnold mad at the band, Total Recall]
    13. Why?
    14. If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It [Predator]
    15. It's Not a Tumor [Kindergarden Cop]
    16. Not So Hidden Track

    I do not suggest piracy, but this is definately worth finding it on IsoHunt...

    The only words to sum up this album, by Arnold himself:

    "Discombobulated corpse termination urbanization governmental-ibation explosive of Montezuma's blasting power event!"

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    Re: Austrian Death Machine - Total Brutal!

    This is different... Not the biggest fan of metal, but considering some of the song titles I had to give it a shot. Quite interesting and despite my bias against metal it is still rather good all considering.

    ~ Draken


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      Re: Austrian Death Machine - Total Brutal!

      My post was complete sarcasm - this is not the kind of music I normally listen to. But it's BRUTALLLLL


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        Re: Austrian Death Machine - Total Brutal!

        Sarcasm missed, Brutal-ness not... :icon26:

        ~ Draken




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