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My favorite TG "Quote" thread

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  • My favorite TG "Quote" thread

    Post you favorite quote from another TG member. Let's try and keep it to quotes.

    Originally posted by TG_Mateo

    "Forget freedom, democracy, the blues, and New York Pizza: our lasting contribution to human society is Bourbon."
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    Re: My favorite TG "Quote" thread

    i recently let my 9 year old nephew play counterstrike source, i let him play on a pub server so he wouldnt mess around and get me banned or something, he played for a while, then i switched to the tg server, and he asked why he couldnt play on it, i replied because we use teamwork and follow rules and keep in constant communication with our teammates to complete the goal, to which he responds 'so this is advanced? not quite a TG member, but give it a few years
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      Re: My favorite TG "Quote" thread

      "I was about to call a Whaaaaaambulance." - |SOG|Vir2l (Vir-chew-uhl)


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        Re: My favorite TG "Quote" thread

        This just happened a couple days ago, but it's at the top of my list:
        Originally posted by Dirtboy
        I just had the weirdest dream ever...

        We got our TG PR server confiscated by the FBI last night because somebody decided to plant pot on Qwai River. I woke up this morning super pissed...then I started thinking about it.



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          Re: My favorite TG "Quote" thread

          on a clear disk, you can seek forever.

          I have had that in my head ever since. I know he did not make it up... but still.
          Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. -Albert Einstein
          The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity. -Harlan Ellison

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            Re: My favorite TG "Quote" thread

            This was me and bandaidbandit on xfire. He brought up SabreToothTigger's sig which showed a guy in camo blending in to a couch.

            bandaidbandit: i had to take a 2nd glance
            pause for about a minute

            bandaidbandit: LOL!!! i just noticed the dude laying on the couch!
            bandaidbandit: i thought it was just a couch
            kevlarorc: r u ****ing serious


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              Re: My favorite TG "Quote" thread

              After I remarked on Leejo's aphorisms, he started a thread to capture a few. ;)

              Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

              snooggums' density principal: "The more dense a population, the more dense a population."

              Iliana: "You're a great friend but if we're ever chased by zombies I'm tripping you."


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                Re: My favorite TG "Quote" thread

                Here is one of my favorites though not hear on TG but the last words of a few rednecks from the south.

                "hey ya'll watch gist"

                transalation; "hey everybody watch this" just before doing something stupic.
                The Old Guy


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                  Re: My favorite TG "Quote" thread

                  From a thread about how long does it take you to load the next BF2 map:

                  Originally posted by JimmyTwoHand
                  About 40-45 seconds. Generally i can pop to the bog and grab a beer comfortably, even a cuba libre or moscow mule is no sweat. That gives me a minute or so of the commander countdown left.

                  A long island iced tea is doable if i let the toilet break go as is a margarita. Singapore slings are a little more complex. To complete one requires the use of the death spawner to sprint to the kitchen and line up bottles and squeeze some lemons and limes mid game. Load time is used to compile everything but even then it only gives a 5-10sec reserve in case of blender difficulties. I generally stay away from the more complex styles of cocktails while SLing.

                  If I do something ambitious like the above for multiple rounds i normally go for a smalller cocktail in a martini glass. At least that way i do not strain my bladder unduly until the next time i fancy something simple and can fit a toilet run into the same load. Tactical drinking i call it.


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                    Re: My favorite TG "Quote" thread

                    Words to live by:

                    Originally posted by Apophis
                    A little more maturity, a little more respect, and a LOT more integrity is needed here.

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                      Re: My favorite TG "Quote" thread


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