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    Dwarf Fortress is an ASCII utilizing game, that...nevermind just read the wikipedia article or, you can read my ripoff of the most legendary DF succession game of all time, Boatmurdered SEVERE LANGUAGE WARNING!!!

    What follows is a succession-style Let's Play of the game Dwarf Fortress. In it, we chronicle the rise and fall of the epic Dwarven fortress, Boatmurdered. (Actually, it's pretty much all fall.) Each ruler was given a single year of gametime in which to manage the fortress, then they gave the reigns over to the next player in line. I have added the occasional editor's note to clarify things, but mostly I stay out of the way. The madness surrounding Boatmurdered is quite apparent on its own, I feel.

    The thread to follow generally assumes you have a tiny bit of knowledge about the game being played. In hopes of making it an easy read for those unfamiliar, I've condensed the most important factors from the general info threads and wiki into this brief introduction. You don't need to know a thing about the game to genuinely enjoy the playthrough, but a tiny bit of knowledge does help. Here's the tl;dr guide, first.

    Left to right: Elephant, Dwarf, Miasma Cloud (the purple cloud of stench that comes from rotting bodies).

    For a bit better outline of the game, read on. Impatient types and those who already know Dwarf Fortress well, please skip straight to the first update. The initial update outlines the rules by which this game was played (there aren't many, hah!). The second update is where we generate the world and actually get the ball rolling.

    What kind of game is Dwarf fortress?

    In a nutshell, Dwarf Fortress is best described as a 2-D base building game in the theme of Dungeon Keeper. The concept is simple, the graphics are simple; but the depth of the game is fairly awesome. (Even more amazing when you realize it is all the product of a single man gaming company.)

    The dwarves you "control" are somewhat autonomous. They have likes, dislikes, and needs. While you can assign them specific duties and set basic orders, they have minds of their own and will act according to how they feel. You can give them a job, but that doesn't always mean they'll do it right away. Injuries to all animals and dwarves are tracked, down to internal organs and body parts. Dwarves have moods that are affected by the things around them. They can decide to throw a party for their friends, or they might stress out under strain and suddenly kill each other with little to no warning. Female dwarves occasionally get pregnant and, if they are exposed to trauma (say a goblin siege); they very well might miscarry. Sad thoughts caused by things of that nature can lead dwarves to tantrums or even suicide.

    You begin with 7 dwarves and scarce few supplies at the face of a mountain. Your only objective is to survive the elements while building yourself as cool a fortress as you possibly can before you inevitably die. Simple enough, yes?

    The game is displayed in a pseudo-ASCII style, which uses letters for objects in the game world, similar to Nethack. I hear you groaning, but you'll quickly catch the hang of things. The players provide excellent explanation of what is going on in each screenshot. I've included a general key to some common items, below; should you find yourself needing one.

    In the following shot, a bunch of dwarves are charging off to be trampled by elephants outside the fortress. The cliff face bisects the picture, with the outdoors on the left and the cliff interior on the right:

    1: This section with the '=' symbols marks a stockpile. It's where dwarves store various crafts, barrels (not pictured...denoted by a % with a yellow background), and food.

    2: This symbol represents a cage for trapping creatures. You'll see these a lot.

    3: This is a pile of rocks which come from digging away the mountain. You'll see them all over. They can be crafted into all manner of useful items.

    4: The matrix looking green stuff is the ground. On the inside, to the right of box 10, you'll see the symbols are white, instead. Smoothed stone floors in the fort are represented by + symbols. Some people use a variegated tileset, which results in what you see here. Others will have ground that displays as all periods. You eventually get used to both and can easily pick out what is where on any map.

    5: Dwarves are shown as these guys here, or as smiley faces. Different colors indicate different professions. These guys are all military recruits, charging off stupidly to their deaths.

    6: The E is an elephant. They murder dwarves in wonderful fashion. Get used to them. Above and below him, the brackets are discarded armor or clothing. The grey blocks to his right represent exposed walls of un-mined rock. The blocks with the cross on them represent stone doors. The small 2's that fill the room behind the two doors are the bones of animals or dwarves.

    7: The ^ symbol denotes a trap. The parallel lines below the traps represent a smoothed wall. Below these lines, you see the grey wall of the bone room, which is not smoothed. Different colored symbols in grey rock walls just represent types of exposed mineral, gems, or ore veins.

    8: This is a pile of dead dwarves, an Elephant, and a cloud of Miasma. Those are the three most prevalent features in Boatmurdered. Miasma is the purple blotch that shows up when corpses begin to rot. It makes your dwarves angry, which usually leads to hilarity.

    9: The two green asterisks are gems. These have been mined out of a wall, already; and are awaiting storage.

    10: These are siege engines. In this case, two ballistas aimed at the hallway with all the dead dwarves.

    11: The black spaces with symbols like these are areas of the mountain that have yet to be mined.

    In other images, you'll often see a yellow X somewhere and a command list on the right side of the screen. The text on that screen generally refers to whatever is under the yellow X to its left.

    More info can be found at the official site, as well as the download.

    The game's own wiki, wich should be open at all times playing.
    Now that thats over with, I'll tell you what this is all about.

    My idea is that TG would make a game of its own, giving each ruler who wants to play 1 year from Spring to when you get the happy ''Spring has arrived'' the next year. (ill have to check if its totally accurate) While playing, the rulers can do what they want, make a glorius tomb for themselves, drown the previus ruler,(You get to name a dwarf for yourself) or flood the outside world with lava boatmurdered style. Heres the fun part. You dont have to be incredibly good at this game. if everyone are total experts at everything, this wouldnt be any fun!

    The updates should be posted with screenshots attached to them for a better picture and try to do it in-person, like ''I quicly ordered that the carpeneter be fed to carp''. Each ruler will have 1 week to post their update. If they cant post it at that timeperiod, the next in line will start from the last save.

    Remeber the motto of the game: Losing is fun!

    Requires Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, or newer

    ~100MB Disk Space: The game itself takes only about 20MB, but savegames and screenshots (if you take them) use considerable amounts of harddisk space. Some users spend over a gigabyte of space with dwarf fortress.

    256MB RAM: The game uses 150+ MB memory while running (more if you select a local grid larger than 6x6). The more creatures, objects, and explored space on your map, the more memory you will need. Most of this can be kept in virtual memory (disk swap), but be sure to have at least 500MB total (physical + virtual) memory available. World generation requires 400MB at its peak.

    Dwarf Fortress loves as much raw CPU power as you can provide it with. Recommended:

    Core2: 1.4GHz or higher

    Pentium 4: 3.0GHz or higher

    Athlon: 3000+ or higher

    The larger your map and the more units on it, the harder your computer will need to work (see "optimization", below). Dwarf Fortress will take all the CPU power it is given, and will run at 50-100FPS on a modern system (5-20FPS on a P2 500MHz).

    You'll also want a decent video card to keep up with the CPU. Integrated on-motherboard video cards are a bad idea, but even a separate gaming-type video card that's several years old will satisfy DF under most circumstances.

    The game runs fine with my rig, wich is pretty much at the limits.

    I wont start the game if we get it rolling, so whoever starts it should pick a proper starting location that wont cause others to lag too much. Also, you need to choose a funny name for the place.

    If you are interested, post below.

    Note that you will have to host the savefile, wich is ~10 Mb at the start of the game.

    if you have any questions feel free to ask me, but im not an expert, so dont expet me to know everything.

    And please dont do anything that makes it completely unplayable(feeding your dwarves to carp).

    Also, i want YOU to decide if we use the current version, or the Boatmurdered version. The older would mean SERIUS hilarity with elephants, and the newest would mean less hilarity with elephants.

    How to save game, please?
    Hit ESC, then go down to 'save game'. Once you've done that, go to your DF folder, then the 'data' directory, then the 'save' directory. Get region1.sav and the 'region1' folder and put them in a zip file.

    How to load old save game, please?
    Get the zip file and unzip the contents into your data/save directory. If you have a game going on and don't want to lose it, back up your save directory first since unzipping the new one will wipe out your first world, whatever it is, along with any games running in it.

    EDIT: the newest version is 3d gameplay, but not visually.
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    Re: Dwarf Fortress Succession game

    You blew it all up!

    Do it! Try to build famous historical castles! Then burn them!


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      Re: Dwarf Fortress Succession game

      Originally posted by FrankManik View Post
      You blew it all up!

      Do it! Try to build famous historical castles! Then burn them!

      I actually did once build a 5 story tower but since my dwarves climbed up and tripped in the final stairs and dropped to the bottom, I took it down.





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