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  • Your in-game/ other playlists

    I didn't know where else this should go so it went here.

    I know a lot of you listen to music in the background--if not on TG servers at least on other servers--so I wanted to get a feel for what the community was using to get themselves pumped4fraggin'.

    Here's my fastest playlist (artist/Album/Song):
    Rage Against The Machine(RATM)/Evil Empire/Down Rodeo
    Moistboyz/II/Second Hand Smoker
    WEEN/Alaska[Live]/Enter Sandman by Metallica
    Tom Waits/ Rain Dogs/ Union Square
    WEEN/quebec/It's Gonna Be A Long Night
    Radiohead/The Bends/The Bends
    RATM/RATM/Know Your Enemy
    Moistboyz/III/The Walker
    Carl Orff/Carmina Burana/O Fortuna
    RATM/The Battle Of Los Angeles/Guerilla Radio
    WEEN/All Request Live/Awesome Sound
    Tom Waits/ Swordfishtrombones/16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six
    Rammstein/YTMND Vol 9/Feuer Frei!
    RATM/Evil Empire/Bulls On Parade
    Moistboyz/III/The Tweaker
    The Black Keys/Magic Potion/Just Got To Be
    The Coup/Pick A Bigger Weapon/My Favorite Mutiny
    WEEN/All Request Live/Cover It With Gas And Set It On Fire
    Ratatat/YTMND Vol 11/Seventeen Years
    WEEN/White Pepper/Stroker Ace
    Moistboyz/II/Rock, Stock, Barrel
    DVDA/YTMND Vol 7/Now You're A Man
    WEEN/Live In Chicago/I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot
    RATM/Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium/No Shelter
    The Flaming Lips/Oh My Gawd/Everything's Exploding
    WEEN/[live]/Leave Deaner Alone
    RATM/Live and Rare/Take The Power Back (live)
    Radiohead/I Might Be Wrong/Idioteque
    Robert Wagner/?/Ride Of The Valkyeries
    DVDA/Team America: World Police/America, F*** Yea
    RATM/RATM/Killing In The Name
    WEEN/White Pepper/The Grobe
    Moistboyz/IV/White Trash
    The Coup/Pick A Bigger weapon/We Are The Ones
    WEEN/La Cucaracha/With My Own Bare Hands
    RATM/Renegades/Maggie's Farm by Bob Dylan
    The Black Keys/Magic Potion/Modern Times
    WEEN/All Request Live/ The Stallion Pt. 5
    Neil Young/Freedom/Rockin' In The Free World
    RATM/Renegades/How I Could Just Kill A Man by Cypress Hill
    Radiohead/Hail To The Thief/Myxomatosis.
    The Flaming Lips/Clouds Taste Metallic/Lightning Strikes The Postman
    Moistboyz/IV/That's What Rock 'n' Roll Can Do
    WEEN/Vancouver, BC/Voodoo Lady
    Tom Waits/Bone Machine/ Goin' Out West
    The Flaming Lips/The Soft Bulletin/Race For The Prize
    RATM/The Battle Of Los Angeles/Voice Of The Voiceless
    RATM/The Battle Of Los Angeles/New Millenium Homes
    WEEN/MINNEAPOLIS, MN(live)/Dr. Rock

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    Re: Your in-game/ other playlists

    I listen to the King's singers.

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      Re: Your in-game/ other playlists

      I used to listen to music while playing back in Jedi Academy. I don't do it anymore probably because it's an annoyance and there aren't many utilities out there that lets you track kills while playing music and gaming online.
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