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  • The post your first thread thread

    hahaha... just did a search for threads started by me, to find what my first post was... pretty funny/typical what came up:

    10-19-2005, 02:51 PM:
    Originally posted by WhiskeySix
    Howdy all.. been lurking here for a month or so now - trying to learn as much as possible... I must say it's the best forum full of knowledge I've found.. great stuff..

    So I finally signed up... WhiskeySix's the name. Last night I tried to hop on the two TG servers, but couldn't get in? Apparently my TK total is too big? (This is my original BF2 acct, so it's got all the "learning to fly"-TK's from early on)

    ... Anyway, I really would like to play w/ you guys - anyway to get around my spotted past?
    :icon_lol: noob

    what's yours?

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    Re: The post your first thread thread

    Ok I give up. How do you find your first post? Showing all of my posts just gives me 500.
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      Re: The post your first thread thread

      Originally posted by draeh
      I've been playing BF2142 for about three months now. Found the Tactical Games conquest server last weekend, and I must say, this is the most fun I've had yet. I love the squad atmosphere. Nothing like having buddies around to help carry out an objective.

      Anyway, thanks Tactical Gamers!

      My first.


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        Re: The post your first thread thread

        The first thread I created here:
        I found your server (#1) last week and played a few rounds. I was amazed with the difference between TG play and playing on a "standard" server. All of the players are friendly and courteous and simply a joy to play with. I have been having a blast on here. I have been reading all the SOP's and rules and finally became a supporting member last night. Hehe I got tired of being kicked out of a great game.

        I look forward to many more hours of great games.

        On a side not it was neat seeing the names of the people that posted in that thread. The night before I posted that thread I was in a squad with Lucky Shot as SL. I still remember that round.
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          Re: The post your first thread thread

          Oct 14, 2005...Joining a unit. I asked for info on the IHS system. I had been lurking for a month or so before that.

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            Re: The post your first thread thread

            go to Search->advanced, and under where you put your name in, select "threads started by" - then hit go.


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              Re: The post your first thread thread

              The first thread I started:

              Everyone always seems to enjoy videos with teamwork in them and I have not seen anyone post anything new so I did a little searching. I found these two videos on google that I thought everyone here would enjoy. Episode 7 is really funny around 8:40.

              Episode 5 & 6

              Episode 7

              Must have been within my first 15 posts because I couldn't post links
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                Re: The post your first thread thread

                I mis-read. I linked my first post.

                Here is my first thread:
                Originally posted by draeh
                I'm new so don't read anything into this question.

                Who is that on the shield of the "7th Rangers" patch?

                Just curious,



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                  Re: The post your first thread thread

                  Here's mine:

                  Originally posted by Rincewind View Post
                  Go here to view osprey near Woodshole, MA in action:


                  I usually leave the window open while I at work. It's fun to watch the osprey : ) Very entertaining. For more info on the osprey family go here:

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                    Re: The post your first thread thread

                    02-06-2007, 11:27 AM - I'd been lurking for four months.
                    I joined up with a squad of three or four TG's and had a very good time rampaging around Berlin. Our squad leader was a TG and very good. Most importantly, he was very patient with my recklessness at times. The communication was good as was the teamwork. I'd drop a kudos his way, but I don't have this name on hand right now. I wrote it down to send a thankyou later, but can't seem to find it.

                    Curiously, on the next map (Belgrade) the TG server seemed to 'hiccup' and all the players were dumped. Pretty much none of the TG players came back and the server ended up around with only 24 to 26 players for the next few hours. I ended up on a squad of non-TG player which ended up cleaning the map up pretty well, which wasn't surprising considering that we were the only organized squad on our team (and had 6 of the 12 players on the entire team). I had to give the squad leader a crash course in squad management, and he did pretty good.

                    On the next cycle of Belgrade I wound up as squad leader for the first time on the TG server. And we (the same squad from the previous round) pretty much dominated. After the first round, we understood each other better on this second round and the radio chatter was very good.

                    Conclusion: The TG method works, and it really does inspire non TG players to excel. I've been enjoying the server and the TG ethos. I've been debating becoming a contributing member for a week now, and probably will wind up being one here shortly. I've got quite a bit of thanks to return to this community.
                    Scope out the link to the thread. There's a screenshot provided by Lyramion. Damonte loves looking at old screenshots and seeing names from the past with different tags.

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                      Re: The post your first thread thread

                      Heh wow, IDIOT tags on Lyra, that's quite awhile ago!

                      Originally posted by Anospa
                      Just wanted say hey to everyone here. Whenever I play, I'm probably on the TG server, and definitely find it the best one around. Last few nights I've had some pretty ridiculous rounds with some squads. Also wondering if anyone recognizes me much, I usually place top 5 or so and can be kinda verbose in VoIP.

                      So just wanted to say hey, and see you guys in-game sometime!
                      Original thread:

                      Wish IMI and Aero still played, always had a fun time with them!


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                        Re: The post your first thread thread

                        Typical. I lurked for months before being forced to post in order to find a solution to a technical problem....sounds familiar to what's been in the POE2 forum lately. Wheel in the sky keeps on turning...

                        Originally posted by Axis of Eeevil View Post
                        Many of us have been experiencing freezes, sound loops of 30-60 seconds, and eventual Punkbuster kicks.

                        A look in the windows event viewerfor the system log will show numerous attempts of the d4k7b3a4 service to start and windows defender blocks it as suspected malware.

                        You can't find the service anywhere in the registry or services list because it operates within BF2 (just like a spy or logger would)and doesn't have a folder of its own that I can find anywhere in the computer--only 5 sites on the entire internet mention it (!), but it is essential for PB to authenticate your online BF2 activity.

                        After 3-4 tries, it kicks you from the server. Who knows what other glitches, lag etc. may be caused by this quiet war between PB and WD. All I know is, every 30 minutes I leave my squad in the lurch because the game is frozen while PB tries to authenticate, and I listen to a 3000 millisecond loop of sound for up to a minute or two.

                        After numerous go-arounds with other programs to modify or fix this, I have made a request to the Windows Defender feedback site to add this service to the list of allowed, legit services.

                        I'm calling on BF2 players at Planetbattlefield forums to join me in calling for this change--WD updates are made for programs like this, but the team writing code pays attention to the requests with the most votes.

                        Please visit PlanetBattlefield and read my post, then give it a high rating so the admins will keep seeing it and hopefull will sticky it.

                        Then, just Google -d4k7b3a4 punkbuster- and you'll see less than 10 links for this subject, and only two are at the WD site.

                        Read either(or both)posts and then vote that you agree that this issue needs to be addressed.

                        To make the process quicker, others can leave a post with the same keywords, and we can vote for eachother's. :row__642:

                        Admins, if you can sticky this for a little while, I'll be very grateful.



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                          Re: The post your first thread thread

                          Haha, my first post was in the Contact an Admin forum because I was a noob thinking I was banned at the 62/64 mark... wait i'm still a noob....
                          I certainly haven't been around as long as some of y'all though


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                            Re: The post your first thread thread

                            not my first, but the forums were refreshed right at the time I was going through some major upheaval IRL, so this was my 4th or 5th, and my return thread:


                            I want to play games again... reading all those old posts makes me sad.
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                              Re: The post your first thread thread

                              Originally posted by undead77 View Post
                              where is the tg server located? Curious because i mantain a ping of 11-12 always when i join and i live in texas.
                              02-06-2006, 02:29 pm




                              TeamSpeak 3 Server


                              Twitter Feed