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Regaurding the WoW players of Tactical Gamer and not posting outside thier forums:

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  • Regaurding the WoW players of Tactical Gamer and not posting outside thier forums:

    ~Compared to some of the other members I may be rather new to tactical gamer (such as Lunatg, Apophis, Crebis), however I have a great big love and understanding for this guild and it's principals. What does this have to do with posting or being interactive in the other areas of TG's forums? It's only saying that I have absolutly no intention (nor many of our WoWcrack TG'rs) of discluding myself from the other areas and resourses Tactical Gamer's forums have to offer.

    Though for those of you who are not in the WoW TG community, Please understand this: World of Warcraft is a slow and steady sort of game. You work your way through many levels of game play and exploration WITH the people in this guild and various friendly players you meet along the way- inside the game. Nearly 98%-100% of all conversation is expressed INSIDE the game. Most of everything we could possibly come up with as far as life, adventure, current events, and general/ extensive game play is talked about in the in-game guild chat and personal player to player (whisper function) chat.

    With that said it is very, very rare of ANYONE in World of Warcraft to venture into the TG WoW forums for any information short of the serious mature players that raid in the instances of World of Warcraft. And when we do, our conversations are relativly short and goofy.

    Please, oh PLEASE, dont' take this sort of conversing attitude as one of exclusion of the many resourses and conversations going on in the other areas of Tactical Gamer's forums. For those of us in the World of warcraft guild, we like to post and talk about World of Warcraft events and ideas! It's realy very fun for us in this aspect. With that in mind, we see no point to explore the other forums because of time commitment, or simple interest.

    We will make a quick post or thread on an idea we have in World of Warcraft in TG's World of Warcraft forum, then immediatly retreat to our wonder world in WoW :)

    Ulitmatly understand this: We love world of warcraft and it's a time consuming game that takes intesnse amount of concentration and attention. It's not a matter of not wanting conversation with other members of the extensive Tactical Gamer community, it's simply that the majority of us discuss things inside the game, and when we do venture to the forums we make a quick comment in the WoW-TG forums then go back to talking inside the game.

    This act of communication is extreamly different than the communication function of all the First Person Shooters (FPS's) that TG is apart of. In most if not all FPS's you don't have time to stop and carry long conversations in game without some morron comming by and taking the opportunity to shoot your head off :P . In world of warcraft, we have limitless amounts of time to stop what we're doing, chat for extended periods of time, then move on to whatever else we want to do in the game. This is possibly the most attractive feature of World of Warcraft. Extended conversation with other people with the same immediate interests, in the very game your enjoying playing! :D

    Much love to the TG Community <3

    ~ A faithfull TG member for life <3 ^(^-^) ~



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