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  • EVO Networking - Tactical Collaboration

    I posted this groundbreaking new free software/network in the Hardware/Software thread here:

    What I wanted to bring to light here is that I've always been looking for a great, lightweight, fast, and easy to use (and free) conferencing program for use while gaming. Welp, this is the one ladies and gentlemen. The one and only. The best 3rd-party free conferencing app. ever made. The list of its capabilities is staggering so just click the above link and enjoy findout out on your own.

    How does this apply "tactically?" Well, very few games have in-game "planning" features. One that comes to mind is Planetside, where Commanders can draw and place symbols on tacmaps. These in-game systems are typically pretty gimped feature-wise.

    EVO, on the other-hand basically lets you do anything. And I mean anything. It'll handle all your chat, vid-conference, etc etc etc etc. (list too long) For instance, you could be preparing for a Raid in WoW or a scrim in 2142... with EVO you can screen or vidcap your desktop and then write on it to your teammates, or just write on the whiteboard, xfer files, etc.

    The possibilites are limitless with this thing. The only caveat is it's Java and somewhat cumbersome (although lightweight relatively speaking) due to all the features. I think it's running around 110K while TS runs only 9K. Gamewise it'd also be pretty easy to "cheat," since you potentially can transform your squad into "Future Warriors" and have the ability to monitor the HUDs of all your teammates. (you'll see how when u play with it) Some games have this ability in-game so they dont take as much BW, but it's nice to have a 3rd-party prog. that can do the same thing.

    Anyways, I could go on and on about this thing. I know there are systems out there very similar to this, but so far I think this one is easily the best. It's relatively new (came out in May) so the hype is still generating, but the buzz on the net is there.



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