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Pastrami Express?

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  • Pastrami Express?

    Thought some of you, especially you bamboo would def get a chuckle out of this...
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    Re: Pastrami Express?

    So is there no Patrami/peanut butter in New Mexico? And if not, why is New York your next option?

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      Re: Pastrami Express?

      Talk about a serious case of the munchies! "Forget White Castle! We're headin' to NYC!"
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        Re: Pastrami Express?

        Yep, they're gonna be in for awhile...
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          Re: Pastrami Express?

          For a minute there, I was thinking Panda Express opened up a wild new chain...
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            Re: Pastrami Express?

            Hahahaha...............wait, why would I get a kick out of it?:row__642:

            Anyway, I did get a kick out of this:


            If you click on the read link at that link, it goes to the actual news site. The gov. property they talk about is actually Rock Creek Park in DC.
            Very funny because just before I moved from NOVA/DC in June, I was working a bit in Rock Creek Park with a nature program and playing with box turtles. :icon_eek::row__577:


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              Re: Pastrami Express?

              This story is even weirder when you consider James Garfield lived from November 19, 1831 September 19, 1881!




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