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  • Surname map

    This is pretty nifty. A Flash-based website that shows surname incidence around the world:
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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    Re: Surname map

    Apparently Jose is a popular last name in India and like 1 person in New Zealand has the name Kalashnikov


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      Re: Surname map

      Lots of Hitlers in India, and Stalins in France, and lots of Poo in Spain, and the USA has quite a few Feckers.


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        Re: Surname map

        I'm doubtful that there are really more Smiths in Oz, UK and NZ than in the USA... But I could be wrong.

        And more Martinez' in France than in Mexico? Double Yew Tee Eff?
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          Re: Surname map

          Hilton is popular in UK, America, and Australia.

          All of my family names have a lot in Australia.

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            Re: Surname map

            Austria, and Canada... I was expecting Canada with my Mothers maiden name and all, but I wasn't expecting Austria for my Fathers Sir name...

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              Re: Surname map

              Father's surname:

              NEW-ZEALAND 2870.09
              AUSTRALIA 2651.86
              UNITED KINGDOM 1819.75
              CANADA 1537.39
              UNITED STATES 1520.7
              IRELAND 1430.36
              LUXEMBOURG 25.51
              SWITZERLAND 23.64
              ARGENTINA 19.05
              NORWAY 17.81

              Considering my father's family are Scotsmen, the results don't surprise me... except for Argentina.

              Mother's maiden name:

              UNITED KINGDOM 6388.36
              AUSTRALIA 5904.07
              UNITED STATES 5044.89
              NEW-ZEALAND 4980.55
              IRELAND 981.23

              Again, not surprising. My background comes from various ends of Europe and the Meditterranean.

              Looked up my grandmothers' maiden names, one was based in France which makes sense (her grandmother is from France) but the other made mention of Spain. Her last name is Italian and my distant family is in and around Florence, so I must have just had incorrect spelling.
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                Re: Surname map

                It's a good thing they dont include china, or the statistics for my surname would be hugely skewed.
                I know exactly where my family comes from though, so the statistics mean little to me.


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                  Re: Surname map


                  Dad's side:
                  IRELAND 10774.69
                  AUSTRALIA 1440.16
                  CANADA 957.57
                  UNITED KINGDOM 875.97
                  NEW-ZEALAND 802.55

                  Mom's maiden:
                  IRELAND 2749.3
                  AUSTRALIA 404.12
                  NEW-ZEALAND 282.18
                  CANADA 245.27
                  UNITED STATES 244.2


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                    Re: Surname map

                    That explains the whiskey connection right there then!;)

                    Mine are all highest in the UK and Ireland, then spread out around the english speaking world, on both sides of my family.

                    As for the scots connection with Argentina, that could have something to do with colonial times, much like the high percentage of Scots names in Poland and eastern Europe. Or so my Lecturer told me at Uni once...


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                      Re: Surname map

                      Kind of odd Australia is higher than UK - as this is where my father's side is from. (Willis)

                      Top Countries
                      Country FPM
                      AUSTRALIA 582.36
                      UNITED KINGDOM 535.68
                      NEW-ZEALAND 487.11
                      UNITED STATES 453.35
                      IRELAND 123.43
                      CANADA 92.38
                      LUXEMBOURG 17
                      DENMARK 5.53
                      SPAIN 4.5
                      SWITZERLAND 3.19

                      Smith - mother's side - from County Mayo - Ireland

                      Top Countries
                      Country FPM
                      AUSTRALIA 12254.2
                      UNITED KINGDOM 12176.54
                      NEW-ZEALAND 10161.73
                      UNITED STATES 9000.49
                      IRELAND 4559.88
                      CANADA 3093.57
                      NORWAY 347.8
                      DENMARK 302.94
                      NETHERLANDS 235.75
                      SWEDEN 161.79

                      Top for my Grandmother's maiden on Dad's side (Fields) is U.S. with Ireland 2nd
                      Top for my Grandmother's maiden on Mother's side (Hansen) is Denmark (Her mother came from Denmark to the U.S.)

                      Pretty cool stuff!


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                        Re: Surname map

                        I don't think that thing is to accurate. I did my mother's maiden name and it claimed hardly anybody in the US except for the state I am living in now has a high surname population but I am not originally from this state and will say the state I moved from that surname was everywhere you turned around but it has a really low population frequency per million.
                        Also, my fathers surname is very popular in this state as well and I have yet to run into a single person with my same last name and I have tried looking for them in this state to see if any may be related to me through the grapevine... go figure that on out.


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                          Re: Surname map

                          Most interesting country that had one of my families' names: Luxembourg! Also got hits in Serbia, Argentina and Slovenia.

                          Of course top hits in all the expected places: Commonwealth countries and France.

                          We can trace my dad's side back to the time of Henry VIII.

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