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  • New To Tactical Games In General

    Before the beginning of this year I hadn't played any tactical games whatsoever, even though I probably liked them and didn't know.

    People told me that I liked to play other action games like Half-Life and other action FPSs as if they were tactical games (I basically played through Crysis like it was Metal Gear), but until 2005 I only owned Nintendo hardware and just last year I got the first gaming-capable PC I've owned in over a decade.

    So, I thought I might go to some people to figure out which tactical games I should try. So far I only briefly tried the singleplayer of some of the SOCOM games, G.R.A.W. 2 on the PS3 (I don't own an Xbox), both Vegas gams on PS3, and I own the Ghost Recon collection on Steam although I've only tried out the original Ghost Recon so far.

    OG Ghost Recon is great except for the whole "one-hit death" thing. I'm stuck at the part in the first urban level right before the tank breaks in. I was thinking of getting Rainbow Six 3 by itself of Steam since the collection is on there now (doesn't have the older R6 games).

    Is there anything else I should look at? S.W.A.T.? Operation Flashpoint? SOCOM Confrontation when that comes out?

    Also some questions: I recognize that this is mainly a PC/Xbox-focused site, but anyone ever thought about including Metal Gear in the list of games talked about? It's got "Tactical" in the title and all the Metal Gear games since 3 have fit that description extremely well.

    This also sounds like a long-shot, but since you're including RTSs on this site, anyone ever thought about throwing in Strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics? Then there's Advance Wars which is a lot like the RTSs you guys probably play only turn-based.
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    Re: New To Tactical Games In General

    Welcome to TG!

    I would suggest you look at Armed Assault (also called ARMA) as a possibility. It is about as far from your normal run and gun as you can get. It is considered more of a combat simulator than a game by some people. It has it's own forum here:

    And you can actually find the game new in wrapper for about $5 on e-bay:

    It does have it's share of bugs, and a very steep learning curve, but TG has a great community that is happy to help out new recruits. It would give you a good test of where on the spectrum of tactical shooters you rest.

    Here are some random screen shots of mine:


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      Re: New To Tactical Games In General

      'i played through crysis like MGS" roflmao!!!!! nice one
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        Re: New To Tactical Games In General

        You can pick up battlefield 2 really cheap and that title is really active around here. There are two free mods that you will need. Both are great mods and really expand on the game.

        Project reality plays somewhere between vanilla BF2 and Armed assault as more of a simulation.

        Point of Existence plays like vanilla BF2 should have been.

        Battlefield 2142 also has a huge following as well.
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          Re: New To Tactical Games In General

          For tactical FPS' arma and PR are whats up for this decade on PC..

          PR is free if you have BF2, Arma I think you can buy for 10 bucks over amazon..

          and wow bamboo, really made me feel like my computer is s**t.
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