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  • Bunch of free games

    Slick Deals just posted that a bunch of halfway decent games are now free if you don't mind the occasional ad being thrown in.

    FileFront has Area 51 & The Suffering without ads.

    GameShadow is offering 4 free full version PC games for download. Thanks brisar

    The titles included are:

    * Area 51
    * Full Spectrum Warrior
    * The Suffering
    * Rise and Fall

    Note, the games are sponsored by advertising, and will display brief ads during certain times.
    I really hate the idea of ads in games after I paid $50 for it, but hell, if they give it away free, I could deal with the ads as long as they arn't right in your face all the time.

    Not sure if I like any of those games enough to play them, but I might give one or two a go.........

    Check out this link for the links:
    Free Full Version PC Games (Download): Area 51, Full Spectrum Warrior, The Suffering, Rise And Fall

    Edit: if one of the links at the link above doesn't work for you, try this one


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    Re: Bunch of free games

    I saw that on FF"s homepage while looking at a budget game title earlier today.

    Has anyone downloaded one of the titles and tried it? Any problems during install or play?
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      Re: Bunch of free games

      The suffering is scary!
      I might just want to play it again...


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        Re: Bunch of free games

        yeah The Suffering was an awesome game. I tried playing the second one but there was one part I could never get by.
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