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  • Bear cub update

    Hey all, I just wanted to pop in and let you know our second cub arrived. Abigail Marie was born at a firm 7lbs and 15.5 ounces. I'm biased but she is stunningly beautiful. If I can find some time in between feedings, changings, more feedings and more changings I'll try to link up a pic.

    At some point, I also hope to play a little JO with you all again. I must admit, the spell of Wow is strong and it's pull is difficult to resist. It's made JO seem to be somewhat lacking but I miss chatting with all of you on TS. It's gameplay is also a bit more conducive to popping in, playing a bit and popping out (which happens frequently now). Boy to I feel foolish for making fun of that game in the first place.

    Anyway, all is well and momma bear is recovering nicely. I'll keep you posted.

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    Re: Bear cub update

    Hey Bear! Terrific news! :icon14: :icon_bigg


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      Re: Bear cub update

      Great news! Congrats, man!

      You know there are quite a few TG members that play WoW. You might be able to hook up with them on TS...
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        Re: Bear cub update

        Congrats bear!


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          Re: Bear cub update

          Congratulations Bear.



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            Re: Bear cub update

            So THAT'S where you've been! Welcome Abigail, and congrats to you and your wife. :)


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              Re: Bear cub update

              Man, that's awesome.

              Hope all is well in the cave.
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                Re: Bear cub update

                Cub, lol.

                So the three bears are now four? Stop the presses!


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                  Re: Bear cub update

                  It pleases me that my online gaming community has kids, too. :-)
                  Congrats, Bear.
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