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Just Saw Quantum of Solace!

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  • Just Saw Quantum of Solace!

    Was very lucky to be invited to a pre-release screening tonight of Quantum of Solace that was put on for people at Apple!

    Have to say I really enjoyed it. possibly not quite as much as Casino Royale, and there is a definite difference in how the film is shot. (Almost too fast, too blurry and really in your face) But action by the bucket load!

    There is no doubt Craig has put a whole new spin on the Bond character, a lot harder and tougher and this new bond girly........OH MY! Possibly the hottest yet????

    However I did cringe at what they did to yet another stunning DBS! (probably several!)Having driven one of the beauties recently in Marin at Aston Martin's Press Day for the launch of the 2009 Vantage, I can say that the Aston Martin DBS is one of those dream cars you just could listen too all day! The head mechanic is a brit like me and knowing my Motorsport background, got me the chance to drive it and when that V12 opens up, the hairs on the back of your neck just stand on end! Just an Awesom beast!

    Will probably see the film again just to see if there was anything I missed as it really is that fast paced. I do however miss good ole "Q" and would like to see John Cleese return in the next film with a few gadgets and just to lighten the mood a little!

    But overall, recommend it as a good few bucks well spent. Not sure about the theme tune (Jack White and Alicia Keys) but suspect it will grow on me!

    As to Bonds old and future my thoughts are as follows:
    1: The best still remains Connery who combined everything.
    2: Daniel Craig - Just a hard B'stard!
    3: Roger Moore - Best one liners in the business!
    4: Pierce Brosnan - Was good, but just a tad too smooth and a bit soft round the edges!
    5: Timothy Dalton - Just never quite cut it in my book
    6: George Lazenby - Wayyyyy too soft!
    7: David Niven - Did the very first Casino Royale and again was never truly right for the role!

    As for the future....I could easily see Gerrard Butler (King of 300 Spartans and could be hillarious shouting.. "This is MY Gun" a la 300!) I think being a Scot he might just have the hard edge but also the funnier side that Craig's character just lacks slightly.

    Also if they put a "gay" scene into a bond film which the pink lobby seems to be pushing for, I think Ian Flemming may just jump out of his grave and napalm all requesters!

    Thoughts anyone of favourite Bond's, Villains or Bond Girls!?

    "What we do in life... echoes in eternity!"

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    Re: Just Saw Quantum of Solace!

    Its good ain't it! I saw it a few weeks ago when it was launched in the UK!

    I agree about the theme tune, the one for Casino Royale was far better.
    I also agree about your order of Bonds, but i reckon Craig could make number one if he keeps cracking into them like this, and also, if he would make just a few one liners like the old days, there have been flashes of comedy in both his movies, but with just a little more, they could be epic! Especially liked the conversation with Vespa in Casino Royale on the train, the funny chemistry was good, need more please Mr. Bond!!

    Oh, and DBS FTW!!


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      Re: Just Saw Quantum of Solace!

      I really enjoy Craig's bond. From the handful of novels I read, Bond was an alcoholic, womanizing, borderline psychopath, and I think Craig hit that very nicely. I like having Bond as not quite one of the good guys, and certainly not the happy go lucky, look I'm shooting people in a tux joker that he has been in many of the movies.

      Oh, and as near as my roommates and I can figure, Quantum of Solace means 'The smallest possible amount of comfort'. I'm excited to see the movie, and if the title actually makes any sense.


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        Re: Just Saw Quantum of Solace!

        Blackdog, you left out Woody Allan, "Jimmy Bond"! ;) (And Peter Sellers, of course.)

        I think I liked Timothy Dalton the best (until now). He seemed a bit more ruthless than Connery.
        Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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          Re: Just Saw Quantum of Solace!

          Yes but the lines that remain the all time classics... as a gold laser is approaching his manhood on a table....

          Connery - "Goldfinger.....Do you expect me to talk?"

          Goldfinger - "No Mr Bond..... I expect you to die!!!"


          "What we do in life... echoes in eternity!"


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            Re: Just Saw Quantum of Solace!

            The one where he throws the baddie into the bath, then knocks in a fan which electrocutes him...





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