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What makes a good first person shooter?

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  • What makes a good first person shooter?

    This article just popped up, and is a very interesting read:

    Shoot to Thrill: Bio-Sensory Reactions to 3D Shooting Games

    A short summary:

    A new article over at Gamasutra (reprinted from a recent Game Developer print magazine issue).has the results of a study by a group called EmSense who used EEG and bio-feedback to monitor the response of gamers who played a number of FPS titles, including Battlefield 2142, Half-Life 2, and F.E.A.R.

    According to the study, FPS gamers prefer their tutorials be intergrated into the game and don't care for more overt tutorials like a boot camp scene. Gamers like FPS titles that vary well between intense battle scenes with times to recover and reflect. They don't care for repetition or battle sequences that may overshadow what happens later in a level. FPS fans like close combat in their titles but don't like weapons beyond the normal ones that could be too powerful and as a result don't give the gamer much of a challenge. The article should be very interesting reading for both gamers and FPS game developers.


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    Re: What makes a good first person shooter?

    Very, very interesting. Now I have science to back up what I know :D
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