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Shameless Plug for you MySpace Peeps that Play MySpace Games!

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  • Shameless Plug for you MySpace Peeps that Play MySpace Games!

    No, I am not addicted to MySpace.

    No, I am not addicted to the MySpace games.

    But I do find that MySpace is a good tool to Network and use. There are MILLIONS of peeps on there and with the creation of the MySpace apps and games there are millions of people who are playing those games.

    Now I know most of us are "Real Gamers" for lack of a better term, but millions of peeps are coming across from not playing any type of computer/online game to being introduced to these MySpace online games such as Mobsters, Heroes, Vampires and ALL THE REST. From there few have even moved to the MMORPGs or other versions of online gaming.

    Well when these games came out there was a need for People to get more Peeps/Friends for all their MySpace games.

    With this in mind my friend and I created using the old train method of people finding and meeting more Peeps for any interest they may have. Of course most of these are geared towards all the MySpace games but their are also different networking trains. My Brother-In law's sister is the face of PeepsDepot because she helped us with ideas and is a lot cuter then us....LOL!

    So if you are on MySpace and do play any of the MySpace app games then feel free to head over to... and check it out. Just Click Apps and then Games to find the Almost 40 different trains we have created for all the MySpace games. We are also looking into working this into Facebook and Twitter.

    We did the PHP and HTML so that any time we need to make a new train for a game it will only take us a few minutes. Kind of automated based on questions. Took us a bit of work in the beginning but a lot less work now.

    I just find it amazing how many people are HOOKED on these games and take them extremely seriously. But it is becoming a whole separate industry itself. One of the guys that helped MySpace really come so big took his knowledge and created Zynga who create most of these good apps and games. He got some real money backing in the millions and said this is a whole new wave of Networking and gaming....

    Well enough of the shameless plug....


    Oh and is of course on MySpace with almost 12K friends. So feel free to add us...

    Play MySpace games? to get all the Peeps you need for any game!

    Wii# 5935-7920-5346-8754 | PS3:TheeShadyB | XBOX 360:TheeShadyB



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