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  • Guild Wars?

    I had a sudden urge (as in mother induced because for some reason she refuses to buy me L4D for Christmas...) to replay all my old games, and for some STRANGE reason, I want to replay Guild Wars.

    I only have the original, and I think I could spend most of today and next week playing it with anyone from TG, since that would rock. Kinda dont wanna do things solo in the game, and it would be fun to have people to tag along with =)

    The reason I ask this, and not just hop right onto BF2, which I want to do right now (!!!!!!)
    Is because Punkbuster says my drivers are old and/or Im using illegal programs. Neither of which is true, as NOTHING has changed on my computer... it's just slowly melting down.

    So, back to the original topic: Any takers with Guild Wars? New Characters? Fun times? Owning the NPCs? I remember Guild Wars being a really fun multiplayer game, when done properly...


    Thanks in advance: xfire= sirsoio

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    Re: Guild Wars?

    lol, i had a friend who played Guild Wars all the time. but now he moved to ethiopia where a dsl connection costs 2000$ per month, i've lived there too, the good thing is u can buy games and movies before they even come out and they're only 1$ :D

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      Re: Guild Wars?

      i have this but haven't played it much. i'd join ya, but i don't have that kind of time. Sick kid, wife, and me... still moving etc

      My available time is sporatic and (all too often) short. (which pretty much only lends itself to games like counterstrike)

      Sorry! wish I could play! I'd love to play this more.
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