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  • Hiya

    You've probably seen my ID "Benign_1" either around battlefield 2 or 2142. My favorites are FPS games for PC. I usually play every other day, and sometimes you won't spot me for weeks, as I make myself busy, since I'm not currently working or at College. But that'll change soon....Though the town I live in does not offer much in the way of careers or good paying jobs. But I plan on going back to college with my friend to major in art, and take on this video game design class I've heard about. My friend wants to major in psychology. Poor guy's been injured though from a car accident, so working at this local grocery near me store might help him before I hit school shortly.

    Oh, and I can be a bit chatty so sorry. XD

    Well, I like to be called Mike most of the time. What attracted me to this community was the gaming etiquette everyone here strives for. There's probably a number of communities like this one, but it's still a bit refreshing to find them. As to how I play in FPS games, I'm a bit shaky, because the majority of the players I've seen don't do teamwork at all, and if it is teamwork, it doesn't involve much fun or skill. Which is the reason why I rarely lead squads on BF2142 or BF2, and I almost never run commander mode because I've experienced too many uncooperative players not willing to listen to me. I'd like to think that a player lasts longer in a match with fewer deaths if everyone or each squad was given one duty at a time, so nobody is overwhelmed.
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    Re: Hiya

    Welcome to |TG|!

    ~ Draken


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      Re: Hiya

      Welcome to TG, and to the forums!
      Take a look around, the forums are large, but I think you'll fit in well here.
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