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Games on sale @ steam.

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  • Games on sale @ steam.

    Everythings on sale 10-75%... a good time to grab something if you've been holding back.

    L4D @ 37.50 -- and no 4 pack purchase required!

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    Re: Games on sale @ steam.

    I was just about to post this too!!

    I picked up portal for $4.99 and Grand Theft Auto 4 for $45!


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      Re: Games on sale @ steam.

      Shame on you for not having Portal yet. Enjoy it! I'm a little bit jealous -- the first playthrough is magical.

      Also, shame on the poster of the topic for bringing this to my attention. I'm now $100 poorer, and set to become even more poor when what remains of my resolve crumbles tonight. :)
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        Re: Games on sale @ steam.

        I bought STALKER 1 for 4.99 last sunday...

        Bioshock for 4.99? BUY.

        Seriously - I don't even have the time to play STALKER or Bioshock right now... but getting both for 10 bucks? Yeah, I'll do that!


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          Re: Games on sale @ steam.

          Ahh the holiday shopping for myself has begun.


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            Re: Games on sale @ steam.

            DOW pack for $14.99 looks good especially since it appears soulsroem buyers get Beta access to DOW2.



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              Re: Games on sale @ steam.

              Yep great deals for all sorts of good games.

              Ive bought 4 games and it only comes out to $52.50.
              AudioSurf $5
              L4D $37.50
              Bioshock $5
              Portal $5

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                Re: Games on sale @ steam.

                Just bought portal and bioshock... epic price!

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                  Re: Games on sale @ steam.

                  Holy crap! My computer can't even run Bioshock very gracefully, but I'm gonna buy this so I can play it on my next computer. These prices are too good to pass up!
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                    Re: Games on sale @ steam.

                    COD4 and L4D are both 25% off making them 37.50. It's a hard choice between them, but which one should i get?


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                      Re: Games on sale @ steam.

                      I am leaning towards L4D...seems like it is a game that is picking up some server time here on TG!

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                        Re: Games on sale @ steam.

                        Bioshock for 5 bucks really can't be missed, damn!
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                          Re: Games on sale @ steam.

                          Is there still lots of people playing TF2 ? Is it worth it? I've been considering buying this one out for a while now. What's holding me back is that I dont know how active it still is.

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                            Re: Games on sale @ steam.

                            Probably one of the more popular multiplayer FPS titles today.


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                              Re: Games on sale @ steam.

                              I got Bioshock for 5 bucks! I came real close last week buying it at $19.99. Glad I waited.

                              I also suggest the Ghost Recon complete pack for $29.99. I don't know I cannot say how fun this game is. I am replaying the first game over and also playing the PC version of Desert Siege and Island thunder for the first time. Very good stuff.
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