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  • Hawaii Vacation

    I'm going to Hawaii for a vacation and I would like your help in the form of what to see and what to avoid.

    We will be in Honolulu for about four days and then we will board a cruise ship for a seven day cruise around the islands.

    Thanks in advance.
    The Old Guy

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    Re: Hawaii Vacation

    Be sure to pick up some Kona coffee...

    If you are hitting the Big Island make to sure to visit the Lava flows. Maybe even take the bike ride down the mountain. They drive you up and you cruise on down... Beautiful!

    If you are on Oahu then just check out the Waikiki beaches.... Head up to the North Shore and visit the COFFEE GALLERY! North Shore is where all the BIG WAVE surfers go during the winter months but not sure right now what is going on...

    Also in Oahu you have the Polynesian Culture center...can be expensive but it incorporates all the island traditions into one center and area....shows, Luau and all that good stuff.

    You can hike up Diamond head on Oahu. Great view. The Pearl Harbor/Arizona memorial is in Oahu as well.

    Hanauma Bay is becoming run down because of the tourist attraction it has become but it also has the Toilet Bowl...

    Also a secret with Hanauma Bay is to walk on the outside edges and get past all the tourists and the water becomes clearer and pretty!

    No matter what you do..Don't force anything, relax and enjoy yourself!


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      Re: Hawaii Vacation

      Avoid the hookers and drug dealers in Honolulu. Around 10, they come out like the plague only a couple blocks away from Waikiki. It's fun to mess with them though and make odd requests that make you look like some sort of freak. That usually makes 'em leave you alone. I also remember a LOT of bums and beggars.

      Basically, my main advice is while on Oahu, don't bother spending much time in Honolulu. The rest of the island is so much better. Make sure and visit Pearl Harbor for a great piece of American and world history. The Arizona is a powerful thing to see.
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        Re: Hawaii Vacation

        Agreed about avoiding Honolulu. Head up to the north end of the island and get away from the tourists. And do see the Arizona.

        On the big island, the climate is grossly different from east (damp) to west (dry). In the AAA guidebook, my sister found a nifty lava tube under a neighborhood outside Hilo (city on northeast corner of big island). You see a park not unlike parks in any American neighborhood, and in the middle of the park is a stairway going down into the ground. It's a tube that goes about a 1/4 mile and pops out into the middle of an orchid field. (Be sure to have a good flashlight and pay attention to the air flow so you don't go down a blind tunnel.)

        If you like flowers, hit the Botanical Gardens on the big island.

        One thing I wish I could have done but ran out of time for was to take one of the helicopter tours of the volcano. And I'd have loved to go up and see the observatory, but rental cars aren't allowed up there, and I didn't research finding a package tour to go up there.
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