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    I used to be known here as Papa6, I missed seeing you all here and wanted to give you all a brief down of my current events.

    First I'm still playing GR and enjoying the new maps of HX5 from my bro harntrox.

    Next, I have been accepted into the college UAT (hence my tag name)out of Tempe Arizona where they will teach me a curriculum of designing and programming computer games of all types and for all platforms etc. My first year will cover the multimedia part of pc game design, ie, modeling, animation and game level design, game modding and alot more.

    if you'd like to email me in the future, I'd be happy if you'd send all your emails to: [email protected] when school starts in January, I'll give you my school email address. Good to see you all again.

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    Can someone with admin access fix my sig please? each forum system is different and I suck at them. thank you.


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      ya TG beta testers.


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        Nice, I hope you know what hell you've enrolled yourself in ;)

        As for sigs, they are disabled, so thats why it isn't showing up.
        I am the one, I am the zero, I am your low resolution hero.


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          I won't forget you guys. Actually I would like to ally with you guys to get input into titles I might work on. from actual players and such. your community is the best I've seen to date yet. very structured and disciplined. Eventually I'll be able to cough up the dough for your premium membership service when I start working. take care and stay in touch please.

          I would recommend this website to my employers for input on gaming advice on what gamers look for. This much I do know...Mod-ability of games is where it's at. I won't be working with 3dsmax but very little. Seems that Maya is the industry standard across the board. wish red storm would've supplied the export tools for map making in Maya.

          Best wishes and catch you all in the near future


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            not sure if I trust you to do my testing though ;) :D
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