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  • communication "key element" of humanity

    Originally posted by [url=]Jim Scantlin[/url]
    I am astonished how primal communication is. It is a key element of humanity.
    This quote really got my attention as I skimmed the news before sitting down for some gaming. I firmly believe in that quote. I've always been an excellent communicator, and one isn't typically excellent at something in which they see no value.

    I firmly believe communication is a "key element" of online gaming as I demand it to be. I own two gaming consoles connected to a nice, big television and never play either of them unless friends are over at the house (or the rare occurance that my wife and I share a common interest in the same console title). Give me the best graphics, the best sound system, phenomenal cinematics, and an ending that makes you want to play the game all over again... if there aren't other people involved, it's usually damn difficult to keep my attention. I bought HL2 for the mods alone and have yet to play minute one of the single player game. It's just how I am.

    I find NS most rewarding because of the communication it requires to exist. The really, really good rounds of CS are those in which, win or lose, my team is CONSTANTLY sharing information about what is going on, be it with text, voice, or even model movements among those players whose idiosyncrasies I know well. We don't even have to discuss Ghost Recon, as communication drives the squad. The best of the few JO sessions I've enjoyed were constant tactical chatter.

    No big point. Just wanted to share those thoughts.
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