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    OK gents, so here is the story. I am currently with AOL (don't ask) and have finally convinced the powers that be that I need to change ISP, my 0.5mb speeds and shoddy ping being the reasons, plus the non English speaking help desk and truely rude customer service I experienced when trying to fix a new problem in my 3 year stay with them.

    I have looked around and am getting offered a 2.5mb connection from o2 and a 2.5mb connection from Plusnet. o2 are great, my iPhone is o2, and it is an unlimited line they are offering. But I am concerned by their trafficing policy. Plusnet sounds great, they prioritise gaming 24 hours a day, and really look like they know their stuff. But I have never heard of them before. So, what I am asking is, is anyone using them? Are they as good as they say? Gaming prioritised, cheaper than o2, and unlimited broadband for 19.99? Or is it to good to be true?

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    Re: UK ISP help

    o2 interweb is bad, they heavily use traffic shaping protocols and their customer service record is appalling.
    Plusnet are great, they prioritise UDP packets like you said and have a good track record. They even ask you beforehand if you want interleaved or fast path.

    I'm currently with demon getting 8mb at 17 a month. Been with them for 4 years, changing the line type to fast path was a breeze.

    You might find this site useful: DSLzone UK

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      Re: UK ISP help

      Te be honest im with Talktalk and apart from all the bad stuff you hear I have never had any complaints it has worked solidly since i got it. Where I am in Manchester I get 4mbs download speed and 920kbps upload which is very very good when it comes to uploading files to the web aswell. These were recently upgraded from bout 2mb down and 420kbps up about 2 months ago.

      Hope this helps. FredWest66
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        Re: UK ISP help

        OK by o2 broadband what do you mean exactly. o2 branded?

        I'm on BeBroadband which is owned by o2, but isn't branded o2.

        I was on Demon broadband, mainly because they supplied a static IP address, but since finding Be I would honestly say don't go demon. It's overpriced and Be provide all the extras that demon pride itself on.

        I'm not sure of the status of ADSL2 around other ISP's but Be use it, and on an ADSL line i'm getting 13megabit downspeed. So I'm getting an actual speed of 1.7MB which is the fastest I've experienced. Certainly massive for a ADSL line if you're not living next to the exchange. I'm not sure about traffic shaping, but I haven't had a single problem with speeds for all the time i've had it. Also, they say like all ISP's that there is a fair usage limit, but having downloaded a colossal amount of data over short periods of time I'd say that this limit was so high that you're unlikely to run into it.

        I don't want to sound like a door to door salesman, but having been on BT broadband and Demon broadband (whose usage limit i hit and was limited for a month. It's pretty small if you're downloading HD files etc etc), since finding Be I'd have to say it's got to be the best ISP I've known. They're well known for customer service, have great line speeds, can supply static IP's and are cheaper than other ISP's that offer the same benefits.
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          Re: UK ISP help

          Yeah, I looked into Be, but it is not available where I live, in fact, o2 is not strictly available as it is not unpacked in my exchange, and I would have to use o2 through BT's network.


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            Re: UK ISP help


            Which landline do you use? Is it BT?
            Some ADSL ISPs require that you have a BT line, some don't. The reason I mention this is that the cost of BT landline is atrocious.
            Not sure about others but I know that Tiscali doesn't require a BT landline, giving you a better option to shop around for pricing.
            Currently, they are offering 14.99/month unlimited (fair usage policy ofcourse).

            I have never heard of such ISP (Plusnet) before, but using google to search for any complaints should give you a general idea.

            Also, as you may or may not already know. All ISPs in the UK have a fair usage policy applied to all their packages. Even their most expensive ones.
            Always read the small print!

            p.s. ALL ISPs now have their technical support lines based out of UK. Something we all have to deal with.

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