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  • Escondido / Ramona / Poway

    So I've been looking for work, and found a couple opportunities in the San Diego area. It would require relocating there from the Boston area, and I'm trying to get a feel for cost-of-living changes. I'm also starting to look at where we'd live.

    The job is at the rt15/rt56 intersection, just north of San Diego - so it looks like these three areas are probably the best fit in terms of housing cost, etc.

    Sooooo - does anyone live in these towns or have any insight at all about the area? What are the schools like? What are the neighborhoods like? (I realize this all varies street by street - just trying to get a feel).

    Also - any other suggestions/input/jokes/predictions about a yank moving to SoCal would be muy bueno.


    (btw, looking forward to wearing my #37 pats' jersey to Chaaaahgez games :icon12:)

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    Re: Escondido / Ramona / Poway

    Well, I like in Orange County about 25min to the north

    I have worked in all those towns if you give me some mor info on where I can give you the low down.

    That area ranges from multi-million dollar wine country estates to meth labs.

    It tends to get hot in the summer the more inland you get, but the beaches are close and wonderfull. Like I said give me a atuall area and I can help give you more info.


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      Re: Escondido / Ramona / Poway

      Depending on your house budget/rent budget will depend on where you end up.

      I live in Riverside, 1 hour north or so, but I lived in El Cajon (right in SD) for a few years.

      There are some nice houses in the hills at poway, just have to be worried about fires.

      There are some really nice houses by the beach, but they are pricey.

      Overall its a lovely area to live in and you cant beat the weather, I hope it pans out for you :D

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        Re: Escondido / Ramona / Poway

        I live in the city of San Diego, but I don't frequent those areas much so much of what I know of them is from hearsay or the news.

        The Poway Unified School District is arguably the best in the county. Several of my coworkers have kids who attend those schools. Many affluent professionals live there, and it's somewhat close to San Diego's tech and biotech hubs.

        Ramona is somewhat rural and detached from the SD metro compared to the others. It has a much lower population (maybe < 50k people? ). It was hit hard by the wildfires of 2003 and 2007.

        Escondido is further north on I-15 and has a lot of suburbs (I'd say it's mostly nothing but suburbs). The government there is very politically conservative (no judgment call here, just repeating what I hear). Stone Brewing Company is based there, and they make some excellent brews. Traffic along I-15 sucks, especially during morning and evening commutes.

        If you're working in the I-15/SR56 area you may want to consider the suburbs of San Diego (specifically, the Rancho Bernardo and Scripps Ranch areas). Also look into the Mira Mesa (cheaper), Rancho Penasquitos, and Carmel Valley / Carmel Mountain neighborhoods.

        If you prefer a more urban environment, consider the Mission Hills area north of downtown on the other side of Balboa Park, which is a big cultural attraction w/ the zoo, museums, festivals, etc.

        Good luck whatever you end up doing!

        Oh.. and you'll have to officially renounce the Pats!

        edit: i cna't type tdoay

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          Re: Escondido / Ramona / Poway

          Well I've got three boys between 5yrs and 5months old, so we're looking to rent a 2-3BR place for somewhere around $1,300/mo. From what craigslist is telling me, that puts the city and coast way out of reach.

          Here are a couple places for example...



          edit: thanks guys! Tau, that's exactly the kind of stuff i'm looking for... what's the general 'reputation' of those places... or what comes to mind when you hear about them... :icon14:


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            Re: Escondido / Ramona / Poway

            Coming from Boston, I'd guess the main change would be climate. I found Boston in the early 80's to be quite like the San Francisco area. (I was born and live in the latter, but went to MIT in the 80's.)

            Be aware that the state budget is worse than the Fed's, so there's a lot of scrambling right now to raise taxes and cut programs. You might want to start a Sandbox topic to discuss that. If I didn't have such a good job, I'd sure consider relocating to another state.
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              Re: Escondido / Ramona / Poway

              The 15/56 area is a nice community, everything is close and convenient, and I personally grew up in that area, attending Poway Unified schools, definately the best in the county.

              Weather's pretty different down here. We don't get temperatures under 50*F very often, and I wear shorts. Everyday. All the time.

              The areas you list as possibilities are all not more than an hour away from the beach.

              The Carmel Mountain/Rancho Bernardo areas were excellent places to grow up in, having a smaller suburban feel, yet still being close to the main business sections in Carmel Mountain. The Scripps Ranch area is generally newer than Carmel Mountain, but I'm unsure if living there is still in the boundaries of the Poway School District. I've heard that the district (as with all the school districts in CA) right now are scrambling through budget cuts, cutting some programs and staff. The only impact I forsee is that your sons may be in some larger classes ranging from 30s-40s.

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                Re: Escondido / Ramona / Poway

                Whiskey, you're in luck, you've got someone that grew up on Poway and I grew up in Escondido.

                Ramona is a much more rural area than either Poway or Escondido, and Poway more rural than Escondido. I've not lived in the area recent enough to clue you in to commute times, but last time I lived there, driving down I-15 from the southern edge of Escondido (Via Rancho Pkwy exit) to Ted Williams (56) could take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. Poway has an amazing high school, I remember. Most of San Diego County is going to be a lot more like Mexico than anything you've seen in New England, I'm guessing.

                I'm not willing to move back to SoCal, but if I had to choose between those three places, I think I'd choose Poway. I have the impression of it being much nicer (and much more expensive) than Escondido, and yet closer to "civilization" than Ramona.

                Well I've got three boys between 5yrs and 5months old, so we're looking to rent a 2-3BR place for somewhere around $1,300/mo.
                You'll be in a ghetto neighborhood for that price. In 1998, I was paying $1000 for a one bedroom house on the back half of a residential lot in the ghetto. Before that, I was paying $900 for a 1200 sq ft, 3 bedroom apartment in the ghetto. Meth raids every month or so in both neighborhoods. I'm not sure where you've lived or grew up, but it's not that bad. Life is definitely different, though, and if you don't do certain things in the ghetto, it can get dangerous.

                Luckily, you're work is right smack in the middle of San Diego county. Really, you can live just about anywhere in San Diego and have a commute of around an hour or less, if traffic is anything like it used to be.
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