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Deploying Sept. 21st

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  • Deploying Sept. 21st

    So I am posting this in here and the General Forums cause I know a lot don't read the General Forums, Just this forums so. Here it is.

    Many might know I'm a big soccer guy, I'm playing next season and what not at some big school which I haven't made a final choice yet.

    Well these past two weeks, I truelly decided to serve my country and join the Army.

    I finally officialy signed up yesterday for a 6 year contract.

    Now I am still playing soccer due to it is reserves, but I'm still going through with this.
    I thought to myself long and hard of what do I want to do after College. Something not everyone can do, and I truelly chose to become a Pilot, what a suprise.

    I passed my Class 3 Flight Physical, did well on my asvab, so now I'm going to the Reserves untill I become a E-5, and get my Bachelors Degree in College, and go into Warrant Officer School. There are a few requirements for becoming a pilot like being a E-5 and having to go to Warrant Officer School so, Its why its reserves for now.

    Deploy Date for Basics - Sept 21st, 2009 (9 Weeks)
    AIT - 8 Weeks, 5 days.

    Not sure what date I'll leave for AIT but yeah. Should be fun

    Going to be in Fort Jackson, SC for Basic and Fort Eustis, VA for AIT.

    MOS is 88 November, not a hard job, just Transportation Cord. Management.

    Doing this till end of College so then I can become a Pilot hopefully.

    Thank you all =)

    ** ** ** * * ** **

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    Re: Deploying Sept. 21st

    Nice to hear man, Ill be going into the air force active duty soon also for a 6 year contract, I cant wait!! Maybe ill even reenlist when my term is up. I have a appointment on Friday with my recruiter, then we go from there :) Thanks for your service to our country.


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      Re: Deploying Sept. 21st

      Nice. Mad props for serving your country.
      Wish you the best of lucks, hope you make it through to your objective.

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