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Let's design some video games!

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  • Let's design some video games!

    So, I have all these ideas in my head about video games that I would love playing, and I'm sure most of you have too. So just for fun, let's throw some ideas out there.
    Maybe, to make things more simple, we should stick to some sort of template. Like so:


    Multiplayer or singleplayer?
    1st person or 3rd person?
    FPS, RTS, RPG etc.

    Personally I always prefer FPS, but I'm not afraid to try new things.
    I always find that the best multiplayer games are co-op, and the most immersive games overall are in first person. So in most cases the perfect game for me would be a co-op fps game.

    But people look for different things. RPG players tend to be all about freedom, freedom and freedom. Some people just want heart-pumping action.

    Maybe you should include stuff like, if it's an action game, what would make it a GREAT action game?


    A very important part of a video game. This is the world that the game takes place in and it's overall atmosphere.

    Lately I've been really fascinated by post-apocalyptic atmospheres. Things that come to mind are Fallout, Bioshock, WALL-E, the upcoming Terminator film, The Mutant Chronicles, Resident Evil: Extinction... yeah I think that's it for now. Oh, there's also this game.

    So, at least to me, a game set in a world where humanity is scattered and fighting to survive is instantly very immersive.

    But I don't need a specific type of setting to enjoy a game. As long as it's awesome and immersive :row__572:.


    For a single player game, this is probably the most important part of the game. This, along with the setting, is what makes a game stay in your memory long after you finished it. This is what makes you buy sequels. This is what makes most people (I hope) read books or watch films. A great story can for many people make up for crappy game play or graphics (I myself, however am a total graphics hog and rarely play old games).
    The story is less important for multiplayer games but it shouldn't be forgotten.


    This is a big selling point for most games nowadays ever since Gordon Freeman flashed his gravity gun. This is the new and incredibly clever thing that game developers use to reel you in. And it often works, because these things can be hard to come up with, even for us creative types :icon_wink.

    This section should probably also be for stuff like vehicles, destructible environments and world-mechanics, such as how open the world is.


    So... I guess the main purpose of this thread is to share some ideas just for fun. And maybe to some extent analyze what makes a game great.
    Feel free to give ideas about this little template of mine, like what's missing or what should be different.

    Also, if you see any confusing errors I may have made, by all means, point them out :row__573:.
    "Video games develop hand-eye coordination, and make kids into better human beings!" - Prof. Membrane

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    Re: Let's design some video games!

    I always wanted to see a remake of a WWII sniper game that was on the PS2.




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