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  • Favorite mech game ofall time

    In general just what would you consider to be the greatest mech related game you've ever played.

    For me, close between Steel Battalion:Line of contact, and the Armored Core series, but if i had to pick one it would be LoC, because of the sheer level of control you needed to have to keep the VT(mech) from falling over, combined with the special controller it had, a beautiful peripheral that screamed "Keyboard and mouse not necessary for awesomeness"
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    Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

    I did like MechWarrior 3 because you could put just about anything anywhere. But it was MechWarrior 4 that seals the deal. Much improved graphics, story and mission objectives.

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      Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

      Nah, MW4 was to arcadey for me. MW2 was the best. They should make a graphical remake of it. Such a shame they went out of business though.


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        Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

        I'm going to vote for Mechwarrior II, or Heavy Gear. I liked that Heavy Gear allowed you to actually choose how much armor plate your put on different parts of the Gear. Likewise, Mechwarrior II was much more simulation than a lot of later games. I miss the good old days when the primary technique for killing a mech was to focus fire on it's ankle or knee joints until it toppled, or alpha-strike the cockpit, and you could tinker around with the mech's loadout in a sensible fashion, messing around with armor and sensor packages and such.

        I will say that BF2142 is a good Mech game. Not a great one by any means, but the Mechs in 2142 are useful, have a distinctive battlefield role, intimidate the hell out of infantry, and are fun to pilot. They require a lot of finess, though, as it's pretty easy to disable the mech with EMP or kill it with well placed mines.


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          Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

          Originally posted by Captainglitter View Post
          Nah, MW4 was to arcadey for me. MW2 was the best. They should make a graphical remake of it. Such a shame they went out of business though.


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            Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

            Front Mission 3 on PS1 is my favorite..
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              Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

              Mines happened to be a old Interplay title "Earthseige 2". It was basically in lieu of the Mechwarrior series except with a bit more limited storyline and fewer "mechs" to choose from (they were called hercs in BS2).

              I'm fairly certain I still have it somewhere. I should even have the original Earthseige somewhere, though it was only for DOS and I got motion sickness trying to play it.

              Here is a short summary of the game with some in-game screenshots:

              I usually outfitted a Samson or a Orge with a full complement of 50mm ACs (autocannons) and maybe a shield pod and energy pod for later harder missions. The 75s were more powerful but at 250 rounds fewer per weapon and a range loss of 20%, the 50s were the best. In some cases, a full load of 35s could do the job just as well, but against multiple squads of enemy hercs, I find the 35s lacked serious punch.
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                Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

                MW2 was king. However, MW4 - arcadey as it was - was my favorite simply due to the MP matches I participated in as part of an online meta-campaign. Serious fun. I usually loaded a Loki with as many LBX-autocannons (basically gigantic shotguns) as I could in a brawler config. Brawlers were the guys who rushed in and hammered away until someone blew up.


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                  Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

                  I'm not a big mech player, but long ago I loved the game Battlezone, and it had some mechs in it.
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                    Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

                    Am I allowed to say Mechassault for the Xbox? :P But seriously I've got to say its the MechWarrior 4, the only "real" Mech game I've played.

                    Originally posted by ScratchMonkey View Post
                    I'm not a big mech player, but long ago I loved the game Battlezone, and it had some mechs in it.
                    Are you talking about the Activision game with the US vs. the U.S.S.R. on the Moon and Mars (maybe more but that's as far as I got :P)?
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                      Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

                      MW2 should rank up as my best, but quite simply, I had more fun with MW4:Mercs. I always liked the MP where the default configs of the mechs were locked, it made it so much more fun and mech-like to run around that way instead of knowing that every mech you faced was either a shotgun brawler or a Daishi loaded out with six clanner heavy lasers. Those things packed enough of a punch that they'd just core anything short of another Daishi or Atlas and even then, they'd blow off a limb.

                      Still, killer game. I fell in love with the Shadowcat because of it. That li'l bastard could take on so many things massing twice it and be fine. Shame the Cauldron-born wasn't available in 4's single-player either, it was a beast.
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                        Re: Favorite mech game of all time

                        The winner is Steel Battalion but how can you compete with a 40 button/2 joystick/pedal controller?

                        As for some of the best mech games of all time in my order

                        1. Steel Battalion

                        2. PC game -can't think of name - FPS where you can jump in and out of mech. You could dual weild uzis and it had online multiplayer (before most games had this) - Please help with name I know XeroEquality knows - not knowing is killing me. -> FOUND IT

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                        3. Zone of the Enders 2nd runner
                        3. Gundam Battle Assault 3
                        4. Front Mission 3 for PS1 - but its really a strat game
                        5. Lost Planet
                        6. MechWarrior 2
                        7. Armored Core
                        8. Dynasty Warrior Gundam - If you love gundams
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                          Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

                          FYI You Tube has the First 25 episodes of
                          Gundam 00
                          Code Geass: Lolouche of the Rebellion - Think Front Mission while watching

                          These are Official high quality episodes posted by Bandai on YOU TUBE!


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                            Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

                            MW2. I was fortunate enough to have a buddy with a thrustmaster stick, throttle and ruder pedals, the game rocked with all three. I lost interest in MW4 and hardly recall much, if anything, about it now.

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                              Re: Favorite mech game ofall time

                              MW2 was great for a few reasons:
                              1. The physics for the game were substantially more advanced than other games of the time. Falling long distances meant falling faster and taking more damage. On extra-planetary missions, gravity was reduced. The mechs didnt stop instantaneously, and had to slow down.

                              2. It actually kept with the storyline of advancing through the clan. Not only did you have to complete missions, but you also had to beat clan trials in order to advance.

                              3. Multiplayer. One of the first games to have a REAL multiplayer. 'nuff said.

                              4. It was just plain fun.




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