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  • Good Demo Suggestions...

    I'm a little burned out on my current selection of games and need something to get me through the weekend.

    Any good suggestions for a decent demo? FPS, Strategy, etc. (I'm not WoWed by Wow type games)
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    Re: Good Demo Suggestions...

    I'd be out of line if I didn't recommend Natural Selection. It's not new, but it's worth consideration if it's new to you.
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      Re: Good Demo Suggestions...

      Freedom Force VS the 3rd Riech, Splinter Cell Chaos THeory, Act of War, and Riddick all have demos out right now.
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        Re: Good Demo Suggestions...

        I've been seeing a lot of news items about Trackmania and there's a demo out for it:

        Lots of other demos available at

        It's probably my favorite legit BitTorrent site...
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