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Follow my E3 twitter post 6/1-6/6

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  • Follow my E3 twitter post 6/1-6/6

    If interested:

    I, along with other members of SimHQ, will be attending this years E3. Along with plenty of info, screens, and videos during and after each days events (at SimHQ)... I will have my iPhone and will be updating my Twitter account, live and frequently from the show floor.

    Exactly what were doing and where were at and any breaking news or info from E3.

    If interested subscribe or simply watch my page at:

    (you can always un-subscribe after the event, I don't daily twitter. lol)

    I will share everything I can, but will have the most info on the Xbox 360 and it's upcoming games, along with PC games like ArmA2, OFP2, the next Ghost Recon, the next Rainbow Six... and all the other popular tactical shooters.


    You can also follow (and feel free to share here or with others) E3 footage and gameplay footage at my You Tube page:


    You can see all the screens and pictures I post, (I won't have time to post links at every forum I visit, just SimHQ), here:

    Hoping for some good, great info on all our favorite titles.
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    Re: Follow my E3 twitter post 6/1-6/6

    OK, I signed up and want to see plenty of booth babes, err, I mean, plenty of tactical shooters...
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