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  • Need help with electronics

    Hey guys, I'm building a guitar effects pedal and the 1/4" jacks are confusing me. I don't understand how the things on the symbol correspond to the part. Here's a picture of the symbols:

    Here's a link to the whole circuit(can't post the image on other sites, by artists request)
    I took some pictures of the part I have(they focused differently for some reason):

    I really just don't get where the rest of the components need to contact the jack. Any help?
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    Re: Need help with electronics

    I think you have the wrong jack for J1. J1 is a TRS jack (or a stereo 1/4" jack).

    The idea behind this is the power gets applied by grounding the ring to the sleeve (since your guitar cable is mono, the ring is the same as the sleeve). So the jack you are showing is J2 (the output jack). J1 needs to be a TRS jack.

    This might help you.

    Some more info here.

    Does that help any ?

    edit: to figure out which tab on the jack is tip, ring, or sleeve, either look at where they physically go, or use an ohmmeter.


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