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  • Theory of Fireteams

    I was bored, and decided to put some ideas on paper. So, here it is:
    (Remember, this is with BFV, but can be changed for any game)
    The Theory of Fire Teams
    Okay, first of all, for all of you non-military people, a fireteam is a squad of men, usually 3 to 5 men in size. It is usually the most basic group on the battlefield. It consists of a Fire Team Leader(with a standard assault weapon), a machine gunner(with, of course, a heavy machine gun), an assistant machine gunner(not needed in games), a grenadier(someone with a grenade launcher on their gun) and several standard assault weapon personel. All, except the Fire Team Leader are optional. The usual grouping you see in games changes drastically from game to game and task to task. In BFV, for example, I want someone on the offensive to take a FTL(fire team leader), a Grenadier, and several AP(assault personel). On defense in BFV, I like to use a FTL, a Machine Gunner, and a Grenadier, with some AP if possible.

    Common Rules:
    The fire team is the most basic unit on the battlefield that is made up of different sections(FTL, Grenadier, AP and Machine Gunner) and is to NOT be broken up unless it is neccesary. They are to stick together and work as a team. The fireteam can be put into several formations, depending on the situation. The position of the Machine gun is the most important of the enitre fire team, if they have one. It should be postioned with the greatest view (or field of fire). Then, the other units spread out and find cover.


    Offense- The Fireteam is the next to perfect unit to attack in computer games. The best is a squad(consists of 2 or more fireteams), but more on that in a later installment. The usual assault fireteam, as I have listed above, consists of a FTL, a Grenadier, and several AP. A Machine Gunner can be used, especially if he will be in a postion to rain down covering fire, or the assault fireteam plans to occupy the objective once they control it.The Grenadier would pump a few grenades, and the Fire team would attack. Hopefully, one person will manuever to where they are behind or beside the enemy and flank them(attack from the side or rear). This greatly disorientates the enemy, and makes it easier for the fireteam to win.

    Defense- The fireteam is the best unit to defend a postion. There should always be a Machine Gunner, and he should get the best spot with the most view and cover. Then, the other members get cover and wait for the attack. Hopefully, someone will know where they are coming from before the attack begins and will be able to repel it. The defense team then checks for casulties, alerts their commander, and decides what to do next.

    Special Ops- A fireteam is the best sized unit to carry out an objective behind enemy lines without being detected. They would have to be quiet, move slowly from cover to cover and be the best of the best, because if they die, then they will have to respawn far away from the group. They would either march or be inserted near the objective and try to take it down as quickly, silently and professionally as possible. Once the job is done, they either move to the next objective or fall back to friendly lines.


    Wedge- An upside down V where the FTL is on the point. The picture below shows the TL(Fire Team Leader), Saw(Machine Gunner), GRN(Grenadier), and RFLM(Rifleman). It is used when enemy contact is anticipated in front or to the side. It is sometimes hard to control, but puts lots of firepower on every side.

    Column- It is, of course, a straight line. The piture below shows it, with the same coding as above. It is used to move quickly and is easy to control and should only be used when enemy contact is probably not going to happen. It has little firepower to the side or rear, so make sure there is no enemy nearby.

    Sorry for the pictures, I couldn't figure out how to post them.
    More coming soon.
    Ideas and criticism is welcome.

    Chief out.
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