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250 dollar Lunch Date.

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  • 250 dollar Lunch Date.

    well, just me and my friend Briana :), We flew to Pueblo Memorial for lunch and then came back up, Weather briefer *Talked my ear off with NOTAMS that did not interest me much, he could have just said VASI Out of service at Pueblo and expecting to get Cumulonimbus with tops to 40,000 *Thunderstorms* in late after noon scattered across colorado, Moderate turbulence airmet *Ended in an hour* covering the state. and that would have been just about all I needed to hear :lol:

    I decided i'd keep an eye on the clouds, the Cumulonimbus never showed their ugly faces. turbulence was light/nil. :P

    Anywho, We got to Pueblo and i was greeted god is that a Marshaller? kid in a cap looked like he was training, being taught by a guy named steve who seems like he's worked in the business for quite a while, they took care of the airplane and Topped me off, I figured id get fuel at 3.50 a gallon instead of the 4.50 my Airport charges, my Flying club likes to save money. :lol: not to mention they re-imburse the fuel charges to my total cost, so I got 62 bucks axed from my final bill.

    and then we hear some sort of animal in a cage, infront of the FBO. briana says "Oh my god is that a Goat in a cage?" :lol: , I couldnt see what was in the cage so I just agreed with her hahahah. Goat in a cage

    we ate lunch walked to the FBO To pay for our fuel, and the goat turned out to be a Cockatoo :).

    here's a video we made of the trip Flying to Pueblo

    Briana and the Cockatoo

    anyone else spend outrageous amounts of money for lunch?

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    Re: 250 dollar Lunch Date.

    Now that's a date.


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      Re: 250 dollar Lunch Date.

      Very cool!
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        Re: 250 dollar Lunch Date.

        :icon14: Enjoyed the vid. Really cool. TY
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