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  • Wireless wallet locator

    So I lost my wallet over the weekend and just found it last night. It was sitting under my netbook right in front of me the whole time but that's beside the point.

    After going penniless for days I'm now in the market for a wallet finding device. I've done my searches but haven't found anything that really suits my needs. I'm a huge proponent of thing wallets. I can't stand having those huge wades of everything some people carry. Therefore this locator needs to be thin. Very thin. Like 2-3 credit cards thin.

    I found this online:
    Find One Find All

    This really seems to fit the bill but at 6 mm thick that would double the size of my wallet. I don't think that I could deal with that.

    Anyone know/have anything like this but ultra thin? I only really need the locator that fits in my wallet and one remote to find it.

    I might even be able to make something like this myself as long as I had some assistance with the design. I'm not to adept in electronics but it shouldn't be to hard.

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