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  • How To Opt Out Of Recession a book written by an aquaintance of mine about how to, as a small company owner, make it through economical recession, which is least to say a subject of current interest. I was thinking that, considering the large amount of (often adult) users of this forum, there are at least a few that might see a use of such a book.

    The book can be found here:

    To put it in the author's own words:

    ‘How to Opt Out of Recession’ sounds a pretty ostentatious and bold statement, but in this book, you’ll find a simple, easy to follow step-by-step guide to successfully steering your business through the current crisis.
    How to Opt Out Of Recession

    This is a practical guide, aimed at managers and owners of small to medium-sized businesses, is written in plain, conversational language and designed to help readers understand, plan for, and lead their organisations through what is arguably the most challenging economic period in our history.

    Taking the form of a 12-step programme to economic recovery, it draws on a comparison to an addiction recovery programme. It is a practical workbook, covering a simple overview of the history of our economy, and what we can learn from it and apply to our present situation, how the ‘credit crunch’ is affecting different industries, how an ‘ethical’ standpoint can improve a company’s bottom line and how, regardless of actual size, adopting a ‘small business’ mentality can change the way a company operates for the better.

    The model is based on the methods tried and tested in the author’s own business, which has seen 15% growth in the last financial year through following this plan.

    Packed with practical examples, as well as some light-hearted anecdotes designed to prove that economics needn’t be boring, ‘How to Opt Out of Recession’ will provide you with fresh ideas and a clear path through the difficulties faced by small and medium-sized businesses in today’s challenging climate, as well as hopefully a smile or two along the way.
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