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  • Arma 2 Squad/Clan

    Alright, so I just picked up ARMA 2. I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the graphics and the amount of options that are availible. I also really like the single player campaign. However, when I tried multiplayer, I had no clue what was going on and what I was supposed to be doing. I tried a server running a game mode called Domination and one running Evolution.

    I'm a Project Reality vet, I've been playing for quite some time. However, I'm completely lost in ARMA 2 multiplayer. Is there any clans/squads recruiting? I'd really like to join up with some people that know what they're doing. I have a mic, ect.

    Anyways, if anyone is interested in me joining them, just post here or contact me on Xfire.

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    Re: Arma 2 Squad/Clan

    TG have an established ArmA community, check it out


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      Re: Arma 2 Squad/Clan

      Welcome to TG. We have a very active ARMA1 community, and are right in the middle of rolling over into an ARMA2 community. Not quite there yet since the official USA release hasn't happened yet, but we will have our server up very soon.

      We will be having TGU (tactical gamer university) classes starting soon, some of which will be basic stuff about what to do online, and others will be more advanced like formations, route finding, etc. The game can be very confusing, and the class can really give you a boost over people that haven't taken them.

      Really the best thing to do is to jump on our TS, and drop down to the ARMA channel and ask if anyone has time to give you a quick tutorial. I helped a couple dozen guys that where lost in ARMA1, and they are still with us. I even had a few nights running as Squad Lead with only new recruits in the squad. I actually don't have the full game yet, but I'm sure once I do I will be giving out lessons again. But there are a lot of other guys happy to help as well. The way we see it, the more players we help learn the ropes, the more people we have around to shoot at later :D

      I will warn you that most of the multiplayer servers out right now aren't managed well and are full of idiots and kiddies that get off on tk'ing. Once we get our server up it will be easier to learn the ropes.


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        Re: Arma 2 Squad/Clan

        I'm on just about every night so if you have any questions about multiplayer feel free to hit me up in teamspeak. I'm a newbie at it too coming from PR but I'm getting better fast and can probably help you with some of the basics of infantry in multiplayer servers.


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          Re: Arma 2 Squad/Clan

          Originally posted by kevlarorc View Post
          I'm on just about every night so if you have any questions about multiplayer feel free to hit me up in teamspeak.
          I thought that was you I was following around on the servers for that last couple days.
          I shall hop on TS next time I play.
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