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  • What a bargain

    Found this while browsing overclockers, some of the funniest reveiws I've read.

    Reviewed by: Dave

    The best product on OcUK. Fact!

    A had to do a small BIOS update to integrate the functionality my head has. After that it worked perfectly.
    It adds + 99 attractiveness when used and protects against light attacks on the head (like bird droppings etc).
    The green colouring enables me to be more camouflaged in wooded areas and reduces the annoying HDR bug that plagues RL.
    For 1.99 (inc. postage if you're a forumite ) you get this AND a paper certificate to prove that it is yours, with your name on.
    The logo is metal, and can be used offensively if need be.

    Well done OcUK, you have won my loyalty with yet another platinum rated product <3
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    Re: What a bargain

    Reviewed by: Bald

    Whilst wearing this truly majestic cap I was unfortunately set upon by a small heard of goats who obviously thought I was a walking patch of grass.

    I tried to battle them off, but they managed to mount my shoulders (I think they were mountain goats) and ate the cap and a substantial amount of my hair and scalp.

    Not recommended for those who live in the country side or near rural goats.



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      Re: What a bargain

      I remember reading a plethora of hilarious reviews for a ridiculously overpriced cable on Amazon quite a while back. Everyone had written reviews telling of the miracles the cable had performed. I wish I could find it again.

      edit: Oh god, I think I've found it! enjoy.

      edit2: Heck, I'll throw in some more funny Amazon review pages
      Bic Pens:
      Tuscan Whole Milk:
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