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  • Please help a noob!

    Hi all

    I registered on here a few days ago and have had the game now for just over a week. I have been getting to grips with the campaign and am really enjoying this style of play, I have also set up the TS channel and have dropped in a couple of times. I have also read most of the essential reading as well as Dyslecxi's guide

    Multiplayer still remains a complete mystery to me, whilst I am not new to online gaming in general (I used to be in an IL2 squad) ARMA2 is quite difficult to fathom and although I have been on a mixture of co op servers including TG I generally feel as much use as a chocolate tea pot!

    I am sure that you see requests like this all the time but I would appreciate it if one of you (preferably UK time) would offer to help me to get going as I would like be part of the TG community but do not want to show myself up on the servers!

    Anyone interested in helping me out, please PM me or reply here, I would hate to think that this game will sit on the shelf once the campaigns are done.


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    Re: Please help a noob!

    Ok. Hop on ts, anyone with |TG| in there name WILL help you if asked. Thanks for choosing TG for your arma2 needs.
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      Re: Please help a noob!

      In addition, you might consider reposting this thread in the ArmA forum, which can be found here. It'll probably get a lot more attention from the ArmA regulars in there.




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