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Old dying game in need of new players!

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  • Old dying game in need of new players!

    Imperial Conflict:

    First things first, this game is a text-based (sorry kids no awesome graphics), turn based space age strategy MMOG. The object of the game is to hold as many planets and as much power (measured in networth) needed to get your team to number 1. To be successful, a lot of time must be invested in this game, rounds usually last for 1.5 months. Teamwork is a must as you start in a "family" with several other players who rely on their family to help them (the number of players in your team is usually 10-20). Unfortunately there is currently no tutorial available. Few spots are available as well due to the dwindling number of players.

    The system that this game runs on is very basic, it doesn't take much to understand. The guide provides most of the info you need to know, although it is a little outdated. More experienced players usually are happy to help you understand anything you don't so don't be afraid to ask. Communication in this game is mainly through IRC and forums, being active your family's IRC chat during a round is extremely recommended as most of the immediate information is given through here.

    Families general have two groups of players, bankers and attackers. The attackers grab planets, use some for getting resources but pass most to bankers. The bankers use their planets to make loads of money to fund the attackers. This is important because the race you choose has certain bonuses that make it better at one job than another. Other individual strategies exist but I won't get into that here as they are generally for more experienced players. Going banker is probably best for new players, but if you have the right guidance it is possible to be a great help as an attacker.

    That's about all I can say about it off the top of my head that really matters. For more info you should look at their forums or join the chat. They provide an applet form of IRC, but if that does not work for you, a separate IRC client is available here:

    This game is so great that it took me away from CS:S right after I started playing again (sorry guys :P ).

    EDIT: Turn based is not what I meant, every player does their actions at the same time. The reason I was thinking turn based is because every hour is an in game week, near the hour mark what I was thinking of as a turn ends and another one starts.
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