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Warning against a webhost.

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  • Warning against a webhost.

    So, I finally got rid of Omnis Networks after 8 years of doing business with them. Why? Well, I'll start at the beginning.

    So for a long time Omnis has been a great host. Lots of room and lots of options. Their frontpage says unlimited space. Nothing is unlimited and I knew that, but it was actually 1.7TB of space. I figured that was close enough to unlimited for what I was doing. The annoying part was they limited the number of files I could use to like 46,000. Ya, that sounds like alot, but it went fast. SO I was playing the game of deleting one set of stuff to put up something else. I lived with that for a few years. Then comes the bad part. The site began to slow down. It went down slowly so that I hardly noticed it. I thought it was my internet connection. Then, people began to commant on it...hmmm, I thought, what could be happening. I still thought it was my internet connection or that the video they were trying to load was just too big. Then it happened. One day I went to upload a file and I was transfering at 8.0Kb/S. Not fun. It would go faster if I sent the file by airmail.....So I asked Omnis. They said I was using to much server resource and I was being capped. It took them a while to admit it. I went and looked in my admin panel and I was using 9Gb out of 1700Gb. I went back to omnis and told them that. They insisted I was using more and they would NEVER cap me for using that little. Ya, right. So after a few days of screwing around with their low level tech support, we tried to talk at a system admin. To no ones great suprise, they would not let us. We did find out though, that Omnis has a blanket clause in their TAC that allowed them to cap anyone at any time for using what they deemed as too much server resources and hurting other users. Now, as a web and network guy and my dad being a certified Network tech, we KNEW we were not causing slowdowns in other user service. All we had were static files. We were using low bandwidth, but becuase we passed the 2Gb use mark we began getting capped. Let me say that again, on Omnis, if you use more than 2Gb of space you are CAPPED!!!!!! the higher you go above that the worse it gets! That is completely stupid and dumb. File size does not adversely effect other customers and 2Gb out of 1700Gb is such a small level. They say they have unlimited, but it really is limited to 1.7TB and THAT is LIMITED to only being able to use 2Gb without being capped to kingdom come. Omnis is false advertising! I urge everyone that reads this to STAY AWAY from Omnis Networks! The capped me without notice. Very bad way to do business.

    So, we are now with a great host called JustHost. They are a great company that does not have a hard limit to file numbers and will actually work with you to upgrade your account. All at a great price. If you are looking for web hosting talk with them first! If you want something done with your webspace, talk with me first! :) (bit of shameless self promotion)

    By the way, view the newly transferred site at

    Just sharing my experience.

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    Re: Warning against a webhost.

    I was actually looking around at web hosts today. Thanks for the heads up.

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      Re: Warning against a webhost.

      I assume this was shared hosting? I really don't understand why people expect dedicated server quality (and service) from a shared hosting environment when they're paying $4-10 a month. Overselling at such a level is also a real shame on the company and the industry in my book.

      Honestly, if you need to hosting over 46,000 files, need over 1.7TB of space, and need great transfer rates, why not invest in a dedicated box or a dedicated rack? Then you'd have full root control and enough infrastructure to back you up for quite a bit. If you want so much from a web host, then pay for it, and that means around $300 and up for a single good multi-core/CPU dedicated box (or colo your own) per month. Otherwise, you get what you pay for.
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        Re: Warning against a webhost.

        1. I was NOT expecting dedicated levels from a shared provider. What I AM expecting is better customer service then just capping with no notice and an complete unwillingness to work with me. They don't offer any further hosting packages and did not offer any other solutions than good luck.
        2. I HATE false advertising. When a host SAYS they'll do something(even as outrageous as unlimited anything) I expect them to carry it out. Hiding behind their TOCs might be legal but it is sure not a good way to keep a customer and have him say nice things.

        I do not use 1.7 TB of space. I don't use a lot of bandwidth. What I do use is file slots. I want something with a soft limit and room to expand. I have a server I could Colo but in terms of expense, it's not an option.




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