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Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

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  • Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

    Another Old School Music match...

    So today me and my younger troops were driving back to our hotel and I was playing "Wish you were here" by Pink Floyd on my iPod. Then one of those little punks said that Pink Floyd was overrated and had only a couple good songs. Then they proceeded to say that Led Zeppelin was way better than Floyd. I could'nt believe my ears. I wanted to backhand them.

    Don't get me wrong...I love Zeppelin. But Pink Floyd is WAY better!

    Now this is a poll to find out who YOU think is better between these two bands. Who would you rather listen to?
    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd
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    Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

    Floyd. I cannot think of better lyrics or more beautiful albums. I can listen to every Pink Floyd Album in their entirety and come off of it feeling "wow, I just heard an amazing story."
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      Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

      Originally posted by theskuddestroyer View Post
      floyd, i can listen to every pink floyd album in their entirety and come off of it feeling "wow, i just heard an amazing story."
      "Dirtboy is super awesome, and chicks dig him too!"- Everyone


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        Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

        Pink Floyd. no doubt. I like only 1 Zeppelin album (IV) and even then only a few songs from it. Floyd, on the other hand, virtually all the albums :)


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          Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

          Pink Floyd.


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            Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

            That is a tough one because I love both bands almost as much as life itself but I had to go with Zeppelin. House of the Holy is my favorite album of all time and the resto of their stuff is so evolutionary that it is always interesting. If I had to choose to listen to one band at the expense of the other, I'd have to go with Zeppelin but thankfully I don't have to do so.
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              Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

              I look like a follower but Floyd has the better catalog and stage shows in my opinion. Every song on their records are worth listening to at any time together or separate, I don't like all of Zeppelin's songs.

              Plus Floyd didn't have the glam look ;)

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                Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

                This is a no contest question, Pink Floyd all the way.

                I can not think of any reason to think the opposite. I mean Led Zeppelin is one of the most amazing bands out there but Pink Floyd takes the cake.

                I never get tired of any of their songs however many times I listen to them. Plus you can not beat listening to the Animals album in a grassy field staring at the clouds on a nice windy warm day in the summer.

                Even without any kind of uplifting substances it makes you feel like your floating on a cloud of notes from one note to the next...\

                Short answer... Pink Floyd Rocks.

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                  Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

                  Depends on the situation.

                  Zeppelin is much better at a BBQ where the main beverage is beer. Like the blues it is based on, it reflects the range of experiences in life.

                  Floyd is better when you want to think about a certain lofty things. But really I find it very forgettable. At least it seems new every time I hear it!

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                    Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

                    Almost 30 years later I think R.Plant was the best front man in rock history with Zep being one of the best rock bands ever. I love every Zep album, and almost every song is worth a listen. With that said, I still vote for Floyd as the band I'd rather listen to more of the time.
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                      Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

                      For one thing, Zeppelin ripped off a whole bunch of songs from other artists. Whole lotta love, you can thank Willie Dixon for that. They sure didnt.
                      Pink Floyd on the other hand, has some earlier albums that are very difficult for me to listen to, such as, Ummagumma and Atom Heart Mother. For me, Pink Floyd ended when Roger Waters left the band. So, anything after the Final Cut is, well, definitely not Pink Floyd.
                      With all this being said, Floyd all the way. "Dogs" FTW!!!!

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                        Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

                        I prefer Led Zeppelin, it pleases my ear more as a personal preference. But Im not sure which is the "better" band, or even which is more musical adept. They are quite different styles when it comes to it with a little cross over.
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                          Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin


                          Okay, I'll choose from your options. Floyd. Much more interesting musically, and more varied.
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                            Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

                            Listen to both alot but if I could only pick 1 it would be Floyd.


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                              Re: Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

                              This vote is biased because Wham! is not on it.

                              Only joking, Pink Floyd ftw.

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