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Still play ArmA 1?

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  • Still play ArmA 1?

    This might be in the wrong section but nobody seemed to have seen my thread in the ArmA 1 discussion. I just want some answers :P

    I'm really interested in getting the first Armed Assault, but when I look at the server list it looks like the servers are all ArmA 2. Do you guys still have a used ArmA 1 server? This might decide wether or not I get the game, because it kinda sounds like TG would be the only good server to play on (if there are any up at all?)

    Thanks! -Industrial

    Another question; I may be getting a TRUE gaming computer that isn't the 2.19 GHz HP Pavilion I have right now.. But from what I see most of the pre-built gaming rigs come with Windows Vista, and from what I've read Armed Assault can't be played with Vista? I don't know alot about the differences to XP and Vista, are most XP-playable games not compatable with Vista? I haven't played a game yet that doesn't let me play because I'm running windows XP. But I don't really know alot about computers, so any information would be nice!

    ALSO: Quick thing: this is the computer I'm wanting to get (h t t p://(worldwideweb)cyberpowerpc(dot)com/system/Intel_Core_2_Duo_Configurator), But I don't know if building one with all those specs would be cheaper. (my dad is a computer guy so he'd probably be able to build it if I found good prices for the parts.)

    Any suggestions would be nice, I don't even have the money for this computer but I'm slowly trying to persuade my dad to think about upgrading my system or something.


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    Re: Still play ArmA 1?

    Most of the guys here at TG, especially in the Tech forum, will tell you building yourself is always better, and cheaper. I did help on TG brother buy from, and it took a lot of digging and tweaking over many teamspeak conversations to find a good balance between price and performance, and he still ended up paying a couple hundred dollars more than if he had built it himself. But it was better and cheaper than what like Dell or HP offered.

    I have seen some interesting Gateway deals on store bought computers at BestBuy though. Even that would still need a gfx. card upgrade though.

    ARMA1 patched up plays fine on Vista. It is all I have ever played it on.

    But you are correct, pretty much everyone here as moved on to ARMA2, and considering you can find it for $35 I would suggest you look at getting it instead.

    Also, don't go with Vista. Windows 7 gets full release in October, and people are liking it much better. Just be sure to go with 64bit version and not 32 bit.

    If you need help building or picking out a new computer, start a thread in our Tech forum. Lots of smart guys to help you out there. ;)


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