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  • Moon

    Moon (2009)

    Director: Duncan Jones

    Writers: Duncan Jones (original story)
    Nathan Parker (screenplay)

    Sam Rockwell ... Sam Bell

    Kevin Spacey ... GERTY (voice)

    Dominique McElligott ... Tess Bell

    (I'd like to focus on especially Sam's acting though all cast put in great performances, especially the key three)

    Absolutely Superb.

    A classic that stands to the others and says 'check this'.

    Could tell the Director was a Brit born early 70's as so much cultural references especially the 2000AD stylisation.

    Score, Acting, Visuals, Thought and Concept: Outstanding.

    Already a fan.

    A must go see and better than anything around.

    Didn't see a thread but had to say this is brilliant, and only a Brit could have done it this way because I am of the same age and guessed his age and nationality of the Director during the film, and bet anything he was brought up on that great comic 2000AD. There are cultural references everywhere but the stylisation is simply of that comic and the great artists of that early-mid 80's era and beyond. Even old school is represented in so many ways. I was ready to go out and get some Addidas, do me some graffiti, put some Warp Records on and step out into cool spacesuits, get me some Moon dust and ogle at our beautiful Planet Earth. Stunning visuals.

    Sam Rockwell is blinding as an actor. The whole crew that put this together put together a masterpiece that rivals any Sci-Fi classic.

    The music just brings it on another higher level. Gorgeous.

    And the writing? Well thought out and deep. Great pace. Great style.

    If someone has written about this film, then apologies - but since I thought it was that good, I had to tell you all about it. And yes, give it a smashing review.

    Oh, and if you haven't guessed already - I am a fan of this film and all who put into it: just like that.
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    Re: Moon

    I have not yet got to see this but have been wanting to before it came out. It unfortunately doesn't play in the theaters around me so I will have to watch it when it comes out on dvd.

    Nothing really impressive cause I do not even know him in real life but Kevin Spacey is my mothers 2nd cousin. Naturally I love every movie he or his voice is in so that's a plus for me on this one.

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      Re: Moon

      Hoping to see this one later this week, I've heard many good reviews of it.
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        Re: Moon

        It doesn't sound like this is a special effects extravaganza, so any reason not to wait for the DVD? It sounds like something I want to see, but also something I'm going to want to savor, without worrying whether my bladder will hold out to see all of it. ;)
        Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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          Re: Moon

          It's not Star Wars no ;)

          I did quote a brilliant review I read after I had watched it (I briefly read it whilst deciding what to see and without taking in much, noted the reviewer ranting eloquently; perhaps after more poeple have watched it, I'll add her review) but felt it wasn't justified to put it in on the grounds it is better to not go in knowing anything at all, and make out what you think.

          I wont even talk about the running time but to say it is just right. And if anything: this is all part of the process, wondering what will happen to you.

          Watch it on the big screen (or small screen as it is 'arthouse' and not 'mainstream': a pity) so you get the big screen and the nice big speakers. Then buy the DVD ;)

          That's what I'm doing!

          Superb film deserving awards (if as the reviewer put it 'if there is any justice in the world').. And I would hazard considering its a classic to me, the best out.


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            Re: Moon

            looks great, 1 of my fav actors


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              Re: Moon

              Originally posted by Taip3n View Post
              ...a masterpiece that rivals any Sci-Fi classic.

              Everyone: Go and see this film. It's fantastic. It is one of the best films I have seen in absolutely ages.

              It's hard to say what was so great about it without giving away any spoilers, so I won't even try.

              Go. See.

              Edit: And it's about an hour and a half long, in case you were interested.
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