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Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

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  • Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

    Quite simple really, who do you think has the best SF? Of course it is hard to tell, as little is known about many of them...

    I guess the first 'famous' SF regiment is probably the British SAS, mainly thanks to Op. Nimrod which is probably one of the most famous Special Forces operations, where the SAS rescued I think about 19 hostages from extremists in the Iranian Embassy, the whole event being broadcast (almost) live to the whole world. People now say that in terms of British SF, SBS is now the best unit, as they have to undergo SAS training + specialised training in diving etc. The SBS is certainly more secretive than the SAS, but their slogan is after all 'Not By Strengh, But By Guile'. The SAS is certainly up there, mainly thanks to the IRA, although most of their work is classified.

    I've heard that many foreign SF's training is based on that of the SAS. Infact, being tone of the first SF units, it served as a model to other countries. There is even now an Australian SAS which goes as far as bearing they same badge and motto! They are meant to be very strong and extremely adaptable compared to the other more specialised units adopted by other countries.

    US is obviously a strong shout with the SEALS and Green Berets, I'm sure theres plenty of Americans who will know more about them than myself! Being at the forefront of technology will obviously give them an advantage.

    Or is the strongest Germany with GSG-9 and KSK? I think I read somewhere that there have been only 4 comfirmed shootings in GSG-9 missions (in around 1400 missions) which is extremely impressive, although that said they are part of the Police Force or something like that and not, like most other SF's, anti-terrorism as such. Not much is known about KSK (although they are counter-terror) but perhaps somebody will shed some light on this.

    Something which I am pretty certain nobody will know too much about is the extremely secrative Spetsnaz. All I know myself is that their training is so tough it is not unusual to die during it, which in Russian minds means there are no 'weak' soldiers who will ruin their operations. Oh, and that they also have ridiculously cool weapons, especially the ballistics knife (a knife that is spring bolted to fire out the blade if need be) and various Kalashnikov's. Their training also contains swimming through blood so they are not scared to kill and loads of crazy stuff. 'Ard as nails though, I am sure. Many people actually consider them a higly trained conventional force but I think they are about as conventional as a nuke. They are ultra cool so I thought I would mention them. So cool that I believe I am right in saying that some US Special Forces units are still trained today to deal with the threat of Spetsnaz despite the Cold War ending long ago.

    Other SF's that are relatively well known are the French GIGN (I don't know much about them myself, but the umbrella organisation is the COS) and the Canadien JTF2. I know Israel's inteligence agency, Mossad, is involved in alot of operations - they were one of first groups to notify the US about an impending attack of a 'large scale target', otherwise known as 9/11 - but I don't know who actually carries out the operations.

    Of course there is no definative answer, especially as many of these Special Forces often require assistance from others in order to draw from their strengths, but alot of people on this forum have been involved with army work and so hopefully this will stimulate some healthy debate :icon_cool

    If the question should not actually be who is the strongest, then it is who is the coolest/sexiest.
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    Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

    If you are talking total military special forces, as in the quality of a nations special forces, I would say the US. We have I think the most varied sf when it comes to training, quality of people and ability to execute missions. If you are talking a single unit, then I think you would have 3-5 units at the top:
    delta force (usa)
    sas (uk)
    sayeret matkal (israel)
    gsg (germany)


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      Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

      I think overall every country's SF looks great as it's something soldiers in their regular army can aspire to become (or maybe look up to).

      I feel the U.S. still has the best and the coolest special forces out of the whole wide world.
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        Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

        Well the GSG is not part of a police force. They take action when hostages have been captured and stuff like that.
        And yeah.. I bet everyone is going to say " yeah my Country has the best SF when it comes to training , quality and weapons " what means if that would be a voting the US would win ( simply because the biggest part of this community comes from there )
        I donīt think there is any "best" out there because every unit has their sections where they might be better than others but overall they have to have the same abilities no matter where they are coming from. Some prefer silent moves with no shootings, some prefer to blow the **** out of people.. but what counts in the end is that the bad guys are captured or dead and the good guys, their women, kids and little dog is safe at the end of the day.
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          Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

          Originally posted by RememberTheAlamo
          TG-41st does :D
          We're Delta Force
          There's exactly one of you. How does that work again? ;)
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            Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

            Air Force PJ
            Air Force TACP
            Air Force SOWT...


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              Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

              Originally posted by sporkife View Post
              There's exactly one of you. How does that work again? ;)
              We only make you think thats its one of us while others prepare to ambush :D


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                Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

                Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! :p
                Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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                  Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

                  If you're interested, here's a link to the wikipedia article about Iceland's SF, Vikingasveitin (English: The Viking Squad). I don't know much about them other than that they're the closest thing we have to a military.

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                    Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?


                    EDIT: Also, the Spetsnaz have to endure a lot of crap to get to where they are.
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                      Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

                      I believe that the best special forces are those who can execute missions without loss of life.

                      We all play violent games, but which one of us could actually kill a man if it came down to it? I know I couldn't and can only hope I'll never be in a sitation where I'd have to.

                      That's my take on it :)


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                        Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

                        Where does the French Foreign Legion stand?

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                          Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

                          Originally posted by Ypnos View Post
                          We all play violent games, but which one of us could actually kill a man if it came down to it?
                          If you carry a gun on a daily basis, you had better be able to....

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                            Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

                            -Spetsnaz is a Russian special police forces unit, it operates under the umbrella of Russian Law Enforcement as I understand it.

                            Its difficult to really compare the SF units that exist throughout the world because each is designed for a different mission. SEALs? They were created originally as underwater EOD and limpet mining specialists. However we're getting into the brass tacks of things here, the real players in this debate is USSOCOM, Sayeret, CANSOFCOM, UKSF, etc. This encompasses all of the units from each of the parent nations (IE: USSOCOM; SEALs, Green Berets, Delta Force, etc...)

                            Even with this redefinition, each one is tailored to a specific mission. In my experience as a F-16 pilot and all of the grapevine information that entails, USSOCOM has the most diverse set of talents and could almost be described as an elite "unit of the line" of sorts, working as a Jack-of-all-trades. The Sayerets, while not having as diverse a focus as USSOCOM units, are very effective at surgical operations a la munich retaliations, and other operations consistent with their ongoing conflict with subnational military irregular units, and have been aided by the fact that Israel does not frequently use them; ergo their tactics are still somewhat unknown and their modus operandi undetermined. CANSOFCOM isn't a push-over when it comes to what they do, which is mainly GSG-9esque operations of law enforcement spec ops, but they are not even close to the top of the heap because JTF2 and other constituent units are designed to be more of a beefed-up cop unit than an actual military unit. The UKSF is also very good at three areas they specialize in; airborne and maritime spec ops, and irregular-based reconaissance, but that does not mean they are trained to be a tough-as-nails draw-a-line-in-the-sand-and-hold-it military unit, they are a rapid strike force. To find delineations like that, you have to go and examine specific units...

                            Now some folks may disagree with me, but in my opinion the break down is as follows:

                            1. Shayetet 13 - Israeli Naval Commandos, frankly these guys can accomplish their mission without any outside assistence, they already planned for any contingencies before going in, and carried a big enough gun to deal with those contingencies. Friends of mine in the IAF who have worked with this unit as recently as Lebanon have said that their request list is a "black box" (Israeli term for no operations area) around where they are operating; nothing more, nothing less.

                            2. SEALs - Like it or not this unit is probably the best among USSOCOM units because of their ability to deploy in a myriad of ways, accomplish their mission quietly and with a minimum of fighting, the quintescential requirement for a unit which is not designed for heavy combat; if you need that then call in the Rangers or something.

                            3. SAS - A unit which has spawned over three dozen copycats has to be lauded for something, because copycats such as Delta Force aren't created on a model that is inferior in some manner. They'll camp out for three weeks on three days' rations in that uniquely British fashion exuding genteel mannerisms, and they won't complain about the lack of tea.

                            4. Delta Force - Sure, other nations pride themselves on having a crack SF unit, but in reality, the Army's DF is one of the top units in the world, and I have no qualms lauding them as such. Their work in Afghanistan spanning the first four years of its reconstruction and the near absolute security in the region are a testament to their ability to enter a scenario and reforge their operations on the fly.

                            Honorable Mention: GROM - Some of you may be scratching your head at this after my comment about no copycats, but the Poles have a serious chip on their shoulder; they want to be well regarded on the world stage. As a result they are by far some of the most resilient SF guys I've heard of or seen directly in action, quite possibly the 300 Spartans of our era. I had the pleasure of directly supporting 7 squads of these soldiers operating in Afghanistan, providing SEAD services for their exfil choppers. I expected to be eating FIM-92s and SA-7s for the 45 minutes exfil was scheduled to take, but to my amazement they maintained spacial awareness of my Viper's position and were able to sight in MANPADS personnel and take them out within 30 seconds of missile launch at ranges in excess of 1000 meters from their position, making my job considerably easier (probably saving me from taking a hit, as their afteraction report stated a confirmed 12 launches within 15 minutes against SEAD CAP, during the interval I was "in the slot"). To maintain their perimeter and do part of someone else's job at ranges where I would consider infantry ineffective is a conspicuous achievement.

                            Unfortunately, there are not a whole lot of available actions for other groups from which we can draw any conclusion as to their effectiveness, sure the GSG-9 rescued hostages off of airliners, but so has the US SWAT teams, Sayeret Golani, and many others, and such singular actions should not be taken as a barometer of their effectiveness. At the end of the day, one should be thankful that these units exist, because we can all agree for certain, that their actions in the real world geopolitical climate we live in has made it safer. My superiors may eye the Russians with suspicion, I might discount the French for the jokes of french rifles which have never fired a single round and yet still have discharged their firing pins ("I surrender!"). We're pretty lucky that those nations of the world which might wish to do us harm don't really have these tools at their disposal, and those groups which operate in this fashion do so to an inferior degree (I point to the Battle of Tora Bora).


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                              Re: Who has the best/coolest Special Forces?

                              It used to be, hands down, the Selous Scouts, but these kind of discussions always turn into peeing contests. Had a lot of friends in the Recces too. For now, USSOCOM, in all it's variants, is pretty top notch.
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