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  • I'm here for the free bacon...

    Hi all :)

    Sorry about the weird title, I just hate the "hi all" lameness when you're new.

    Well, after getting out of the military, I've been obsessed with team based, online games.
    A) I can't STAND computer AI opponents. Predictable, buggy, exploitable, unsatisfying.
    B) I need to be in a team. I like teams. Think of how much more bacon you can get with a team than just by yourself!

    My only downfall is I'm struggling between games for the last year. I miss the days of BF1942, DC, and SWAT4. I also used to be a Planetside freak. I was a Company of Heroes fanatic, but managed to go cold turkey, though I have withdrawal symptoms some days.

    What I don't like is Quake style games, I feel like it limits teamwork when everyone is bumping and jumping.

    Right now, I'm playing Demigod and Fallout3 (yes, single player, but got hooked while playing it at work with, since no internet connection). Armed Assault 2 is also pretty freaking cool, but complicated.

    I'm open to try about anything, though I need some action. WoW looks fun, but I could never get into the lack of excitement and control.

    Well, that's me in a nutshell. I'm looking for a good group of guys/gals to play with. I'm fairly mellow and work for the best of the team, regardless if I make it on the top 10 scoreboard.

    Please, feel free to point me toward a game (I own and tried most games out there) or a group!

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    Re: I'm here for the free bacon...

    We have a few games that are consistently populated, the Battlefield 2 mod called project reality, ARMA2 and battlefield 2142.

    You can find the subforums for these games through the pulldown menu at the top of this webpage.

    From your self description, I suspect you would like the slower paced arma2 and pr.

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      Re: I'm here for the free bacon...

      Project Reality is a "near-sim" mod for Battlefield 2. I've been playing for over 2 years now, and haven't looked back. All maps are original to the mod. All weapons are original to the mod. Almost all sounds are re-done. Not for the feeble types though. The game takes a lot of effort. Rounds can often last up to 2 hours.

      We also have a rather large ARMA 2 community. Myself, I'm waiting for the game to become a bit more fledged out through patches.

      Definitely read our Primer.


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        Re: I'm here for the free bacon...

        Thanks Science


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          Re: I'm here for the free bacon...

          I've played PR before. I need to try it again, last I played it was hurting on people, still a bit buggy and had a lot of stalemate, chokepoint maps (due to the tanks, usually).


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            Re: I'm here for the free bacon...

            I'll be the one to give you a simple "welcome to the forums!" ;)


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              Re: I'm here for the free bacon...

              Welcome to TG!
              Come for the bacon, stay for the community.
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                Re: I'm here for the free bacon...

                Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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