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    Wonder whats up ?


    Originally posted by Letter from RealNetworks CEO

    Dear RealPlayer User,

    This week marks the 10th anniversary of our introduction of RealAudio®, the product that started the Internet multimedia revolution. I'm writing to thank you for letting us be a part of your life for these past 10 years.

    As one of over 450 million Internet users around the world who has used the RealAudio Player, or its successor, the RealPlayer®, you are part of something very big. But at the same time, it's not an elite club. Indeed, one of the reasons we invented Internet streaming was to create an audio visual medium that was and is open to everyone — no channel capacity limits, no gatekeepers, just personal choice.

    Along the way there have been lots of twists and turns: A technology financial bubble in the late 1990s. The bursting of that bubble five years ago. The incredible worldwide growth of broadband. The explosion of peer-to-peer services that were based on very innovative technology but often were used to distribute video and audio without the permission of the rights holders. The more recent growth of services that delivered that same content, particularly music, in a way that is both great for consumers and respectful of the rights of the artists who created it.

    Over the past 10 years we've delivered 10 major versions of the RealPlayer, compelling new products such as RealJukebox® — the Internet's first integrated music jukebox and Rhapsody™ — the Internet's first music service with music from all of the major labels.

    While we're proud of our past, I'm also writing to tell you that the best truly is yet to come. We're as committed to innovation over the next 10 years as we have been for our first 10 years. I know this sounds like an ambitious statement, but we've got some stuff coming very soon that I think you will agree is truly a breakthrough.

    On April 26, we are changing the rules of the Internet again, and digital music will never be the same. I can't say more now, but I do encourage you to visit on the 26th to learn more. If you'd like to sign up to be automatically notified, click here.

    Again, on behalf of everyone here at RealNetworks, I want to thank you for making our first ten years so remarkable, and I want to promise you that you ain't heard nothin' yet.



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